Set in the fictional world of Norvinsk, Escape from Tarkov is an adventure game with a vast emphasis on realism. It’s a multiplayer FPS game where players must take charge of PMCs (Private Military Contractors) and Scavengers (Scavs). They must loot equipment, guns, water, medicine, and food to survive.

As a tactical video game, beginners need help to win the first round in the game. However, there are a few beginner-friendly tips and tricks to adopt when playing Escape from Tarkov. These tips are your best bet whether you play as a PMC or Scav. Also, you can find some EFT cheats to make the most of your gameplay in Escape from Tarkov.

So, let’s look at the tips and tricks for beginners playing EFT!


Beginners Tips For Escape from Tarkov


1. Grab the layouts of one map before another

Beginners always need to try out the whole playable map in EFT. Such a strategy is wrong as they won’t master any specific one. So, keep this in mind when playing Escape from Tarkov. Even if you want to try other maps, take them one after the other.

It can take you decades to learn the entire map of Escape from Tarkov. So, it’s advisable to focus on one map and digest it. Discover the extraction points so you can escape at the end of the game. You can start with The Lab, Terminal, Shoreline, Lighthouse, Factory, Woods, Reserve, or Interchange.

Starting from one particular map will enable you to learn all the game’s looting, hiding, and stash spots. Such knowledge would automatically enhance your mechanics in the game.

2. Play more as a Scavenger


When you play scav runs, every money you earn will remain in your account, but your loot will vanish. For this, selecting your loot is advisable, picking the ones you can replace if lost.

You can grab a pistol and a few meds to increase your chances of defeating well-prepped opponents. When you defeat these enemies, loot them and hold more valuables.

Furthermore, playing scav runs allows you to explore several escape strategies without engaging in AI combats. You have to focus on the other players in the form of PMCs. You can usually reach the extraction point without a single fight. If you eventually meet an opponent, you can lay low while the timer counts down.

3. Get your gear under insurance

Before jumping into a fight on any map, get your gear under insurance first. Insurance enables you to retrieve any equipment you lose in a raid, including armor and weapons, intel items like paper maps, and containers (Item case, Documents case, or a Key tool). Gear insurance is affordable, costing up to 10,000 rubles.

You cannot ensure consumable items like ammo, meds, or food. You can insure your gear at the insurance windows with a Therapist or Prapor. Prapor is more affordable and returns ensured gear after 24 to 36 hours, which you can collect within four days.

The therapist is quite pricey; however, the return duration is faster than Prapor. It takes 12 to 24 hours and gives you six days to pick up retrieved items.

Bonus Tips

  • Master your weapons before any battle

Every weapon in Escape from Tarkov comes with its recoil pattern, accuracy, and unique range. Even if they come from one brand, they can have several differences. The point is that mastering your weapons helps you maximize their usage in the game. For instance, using a shotgun in close-quarter combat and an assault rifle in long-distance fights can guarantee you more kills in the match.

  • Make swift and unpredictable movements

While playing EFT’s objectives, it’s advisable to make quick moves. But they should be less predictable by opponents. For instance, suddenly going mute after hearing a noise can mislead your opponents, giving you more chances of living.

  • Keep an eye on the Raid’s Timer


Get to the extraction point on time, and you’ll escape the city successfully. If you’ve entered a raid, continuously monitor the countdown by pressing the “O” button twice. Knowing what’s left can help you re-strategize your moves before it counts down to zero.


Whether you’re a beginner with little or no experience playing Escape from Tarkov, the above tips will enhance your gaming experience. So, start by understanding everything there is in one map. Then try the second one and continue until you’ve learned and played on many maps.

Play more scav runs as it allows you to make money and explore the game faster. More importantly, get your gear under insurance so you can easily retrieve it at the insurance window.