Ex Arm Episode 6

Earlier in 2014, Natsume and Suuichi chat about the latest model that they want to check. But, Natsume is not familiar with the technology, and Suuichi advances him that the technology is right. But, humans might use it for evil things. Until he comes across an incident, Natsume realizes that he used to be a perfectly ordinary high schooler till then. After six-year, he woke up just as a brain and forced to fight battles, but he didn’t refuse.

He is trying his best and thinking to find a way to be a human again. He strongly hoping for what he wants and one day his wish might come true. So, he decides to continue to work with the police. Natsume told that he is just a brain, and will never return to human form. The voice keeps on telling Natsume to destroy everything.

Ex Arm Episode 6

Natsume wonders why since he was just an android brain after he finds that he is human inside his room.


Release Date of Ex Arm Episode 6

Ex Arm Episode 6 will be released soon on February 15, 2023. While a new episode of Ex Arm will be available every Monday. You can support this anime officially at exarm-anime and Crunchyroll Let us find out more about Natsume here.

Previously on Episode 5

Natsume surprised that he is in 2014 and Minami visited him telling him about school. He tells everything to Minami and that she will be a cop in 2030 with an android partner. Natsume cannot believe himself, as all the people who are in the year 2030 are inside the classroom. Chilkage is the teacher and she introduced Alma to the calls. Natsume realizes that Alma is Minami’s android partner in the year 2030.

Fantasy World Ex Arm

Natsume couldn’t stop thinking about Alma. He hits Kimura, on his way to the restroom. Then Kondo arrives, calling the two punks and aks if they have balls of steel to fight in halls. He chases them, Natsume bums with Minami and kisses her.

Ex Arm Episode 6

Minami Slaps Natsume, thinking that he did intentionally on purpose. Kondo manages to catch Natsume. He sends him to the principal office and settles everything there. Kondo is the school counselor and Alisa is the school principal. When Natsume left the office, Alisa reveals that this is a fantasy world. Alisa decided to send Kondo to the year 2030, where he will work as an android police officer.

Kondo went to Chief and reports everything happening in the year 2014. He reveals that they are enjoying generic school life in full VR. Kondo asks Shiga if this process will help to awaken Natsume’s memory. Shiga looks at Natsume android brain in the office. Back in 2014, Natsume bumps Alma again. Minami, Chigake, and Kimura have a discussion that Natsume is messing with his teenage life ideas.

Chikage comments this world is made from Natsume consciousness. if they really want to investigate his memories, they have to poke at things Natsume avoids or likes.

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