Fairy Ranmaru Episode 2 Release Date, Spoilers, Preview

A mysterious man was tired coming out from the battles he fought. Sometimes he wonders what exactly love is. In this whole world, it is killed or be killed; for him, there is no such thing called heaven. Once fallen, there is no hope. People are struggling because they believe in the motto in this world. The only thing here is to take the heart of those who stop by. Fairy Ranmaru that is also known by the name of Fairy Ranmaru: Anata no Kokoro Otasuke Shimasu. Here we will discuss Spoilers & Preview: Fairy Ranmaru Episode 2.

The princess summoned a team that consists of one fine young person from each of the clans spread around the world. From the Ignis Clan, Homura Hoterase is selected, and on this, he comments that he didn’t spend much time in the human world; they must tell him why he is summoned. From Aqua Clan, Uruu Seiren is summoned and he comments that they should conduct themselves properly. From the Arbor clan, Jyuka Matsuoka is summoned and he can’t believe this news.


Previously on Fairy Ranmaru Episode 1

Kyoka looks around him and wonders if his name is taken by mistake. Now from Metallum Clan, Takara Utashiro is chosen. Takara says it would be his pleasure to work for the queen. He comments that he is sure that they all will be compensated for the job. The last member is Renmaru Ai who is from Lux Clan. He bows his head in front of the queen to show respect, he is the one who is believed to be the most sensitive one of all the chosen ones. Hojo says as this is going to be the first meeting for everyone it might get a little bit awkward. And starting from now, they must work together as a family and complete all the missions as a team.

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The queen said they will be getting new missions on regular basis and they will get it directly from her. And she also added they must save as many people as they can and collect the attachment. The next morning the crew enjoys their first breakfast at Bar F. Homura was not expecting to eat this kind of food, on this Urruu says that it is the best food in the world as it contains all the nutritional necessities. On the breakfast table, Takamaru comments that they will do the Ten Laws before breakfast every day.  this was all about Spoilers & Preview: Fairy Ranmaru Episode 2.

Ten Laws of Fairies

Takamaru stops everyone from enjoying the breakfast and they start to do Ten Laws of Fairies. They both say that because they are forbidden from the following that is romance. They must never fall in love with the opposite sex. The second law is wrath; they must never hold feelings of anger and hatred. The third law states that they must never desire what others possess; called envy. The fourth law is apathy; they must never fail to aid a person in need. The fifth is lust; they must not possess any physical relationship.

Sixth is violence; they must never harm innocent. Seventh is degeneracy; they must never behave in an undisciplined manner. The eighth one is hedonism; they must never consume alcohol or drugs. Ninth is liberation; they must never reveal they are true identity. And the final one is pride; they must never grow vain about their power.

Fairy Ranmaru Episode 2 Release Date

Episode 2 is all set to release on Thursday, 15th April 2024, at 11:00 PM JST. You can watch this amazing series online on Crunchyroll.

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