FAU-G Released on 72rd Republic Day as a gift for Indians

FAU-G abbreviates Fearless and United Guards teased on all social media platforms for a year. Where the idea started after the PUBG Mobile ban in India due to data leaks and content.

This game has been under development till now, developing by nCore games. While the game is celebrating for crossing 5 million registration on PlayStore. The theme of the game reflects the life of Indian Solider, How they will survive at the borders to protect us.

Vishal Gondal who is CEO of nCore games reveals this on a call. He told about the first episode which is to happen in the Galwan valley in Ladakh.

This game is entirely different from other games seen from a life perspective. Many other games have a connection with a local audience like Call of Duty. While FAU-G doesn’t have such a connection with the audience.

FAU-G Episode

This game includes many Indian previous historic border clashes in an upcoming episode of the game. Which includes the Kargil incident and the Indian-Pakistan war, surgical strike, and many others.

Many users are requesting battle royale mode on FAU-G, which is there in COD and well made popular games.

The nCore games replied that once they start getting the data from consumers they can improve the game a lot by adding elements sequentially.

They add that to take things at a slow pace development for the more polished game experience.


Contribution of FAU-G towards Indian Army 

This game is donating 20% of the revenue to Bharat Ke Veer Foundation, which allows Indians to contribute to the army. They claim that every in-app purchase has the same policy.

Like many other games that reach an audience, this game is also free to play when it comes to entertainment. But if you want any customizations & avatars you need to pay for them.


Device support determines the success of the game, likewise in PUBG if you cannot play the game on your device you can have a lighter version. While FAU-G is available for old Android devices as well.

They state that all devices which are running on Android 8 or Above can play this game assuming that everyone has smartphones that are modern to run this game, even though they might not be flagship-grade.

The main reason for the revocation of PUBG game policies and banning that game is data privacy as Tencent whose servers are located in China is using user’s data and misusing that.

FAU-G values to user data and every policy are transparent for the user and purely stores in India. Because none of their shareholders are from any other country.

One of the beauties of FAU-G is available to all users in India on 26th January 2024 as a gift on republic day for Indian users.

Where to Download FAU-G

There is no confirmation for IOS devices supports yet, but we can expect this game for them as well in a couple of months.

If you want to play this game you can download and install this from the FAU-G Mobile playstore

FAU-G Update Release Date

The Company has plans for other modes other than story mode inside the game as well like deathmatch and classic but they have not revealed any dates yet.