Welcome to another issue in our gaming guide series. This week’s guide will outline the ongoings of the 2024 Starlight Celebration. This article will highlight the festivities to come in Eorzea and prepare your holiday spirit! In addition, we will disclose how to get your hands on a phenomenal new Starlight Steed mount and Illuminated Tree furnishing, as well as the other exciting happenings of this year’s celebration.

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When is the Starlight Celebration 2024?


As of now, the event is up and running! Do keep in mind, however, that the end date for the event is December 31, 2024, at 6.59 am PST (14.49GMT). Therefore, you must complete the seasonal quests before this time if you wish to acquire all of the possible rewards.

Now that we have covered the run time for this event, let’s move on to some more of the finer details.

Reindeer Fame: Quest and Walkthrough


To begin this year’s Starlight Celebration, head to Old Gridania. Once there, you will need to speak with Amh Gartanjy at these coordinates:

X:10:2, Y:9.4

Doing so will allow you to collect the quest, but keep in mind you must be of at least level 15 to begin this quest. This is because you will first be tasked with gathering the children. To do so, you will need to speak to the following NPCs:

Bright-eyed Boy, located in Old Gridania

Coordinates: X:14.0, Y:9.0

Cautious Child, located in Old Gridania, also

Coordinates: X:13.4, Y:6.6

Lively Lady, also located in Old Gridania

Coordinates: X:12.4, Y:6.1

Make your way to Old Gridania at the following coordinates:

X:10.5, Y:5.9

Speak with Laurenssen; this will produce a cutscene. Once you have done so, interact with the nearby Destination point.

Next, you must head to another destination within Old Gridania:

X:4.8, Y:7.4

Speak once again with Laurenssen. Furthermore, you will be given a choice of responses; choose any. He will then run off, and you will then need to head to the following coordinates:

X:7.0, Y:8.0

You will once again find Laurenssen; speak with him again. This completes your first Starlight Celebration quest! You still need to finish, however! More quests must be completed if you wish to obtain your mount. So, let’s move on to the next one.

The Ghost of Starlight Presents: Quest and Walkthrough


To begin this quest, you will need to speak with Laurenssen at these coordinates: X:7.0, Y:8.0, Once again, in Old Gridania.

You will need to use the /soothe emote on Laurenssen. You will then need to gather information on Blitzen. To do so, you must speak with the following NPCs, all of which are located in Old Gridania:

Happy Holidaymaker: X:8.7, Y:8.4

Charmed Citizen: X:10.0, Y:8.7

Frost Fanatic: X:11.5, Y:9.4

Once you have conversed with these NPCs, you should head to New Gridania and find Blitzen. You can find him at these coordinates:

X:11.5, Y:12.1

You will be given options for which answer you give; choose any, and a cutscene will play. Following this cutscene, move on to these coordinates:

X:12.4, Y:11.8

When you reach these coordinates, speak with the Tearful Tot. When you have done so, head back to Old Gridania and speak with Amh Gartanjy. You will find him at the following coordinates:

X:10:2, Y:9.4

This completes this quest, earning you the Starlight Steed Horn and unlocking the achievement “Make it Reindeer.”

The Illuminated Tree: How to Get it.


In the case of the Illuminated Tree, it is unlike the mount. This is because you can skip quests to obtain the Illuminated Tree furnishing. Instead, speak with the Starlight Supplier NPC, who can be found in Old Gardania at these coordinates:

X:10.6, Y:8.7

Once located, begin a conversation with the supplier, and you can purchase the furnishing for 5,000 Gil.

Celebration Concluded

This concludes the 2024 Starlight Celebration Guide! We hope you have found the holiday celebrations entertaining and that our guide provided much-needed insight into the event. If you are satisfied with the outcome of your read, please return next week for our newest guide! We publish a new guide each week to assist our readers with some of the gaming world’s difficulties; we look forward to seeing you again!