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Fire Force Manga Ends Within The Next Few Chapters! Fire Force grew its popularity with a twisting plot. But, now that the author declared something incredibly sad- fans are disappointed. The manga will have only a little bit more time before it comes to an end.

Come on, let us get a closer look at what the author exactly said:


Fire Force Manga Ends Within The Next Few Chapters!

Atsushi Ohkubo- the man who won hearts with Soul Eater also happens to be Fire Force’s mangaka. In one of his latest streams, he declared that the story was indeed coming to an end.

He has decided to finish the story off in two more volumes. Currently, he revealed that he has been working on the last two chapters of Fore Force. Fas are disheartened. The manga managed to create a lot of fans worldwide. And, now after the anime- fans have reverted to the manga more.

Not just the fact that Fire Force ends- the mangaka also revealed that he would be retiring with this. Fans are shocked by this news. Soul Eater had been a global hit, and the same was the case with Fire Force.

Fire Force

Fans knew we will be getting into the final arc back in October. And, now it has been confirmed. If you are looking to read the manga, this is the perfect time to catch up for you won’t have to wait a long before it ends. You can also catch up with the anime here.

Fire Force- About the Manga

Before Fire Force ends, let’s get a quick look at the synopsis-

Fire Force is set in a world that was changed by The Great Cataclysm, an apocalyptic event in which most of the world was engulfed in a massive fire and rendered uninhabitable. Two hundred and fifty years later, humanity has begun to recover but is now threatened by the appearance of the Infernals, people who have spontaneously combusted and have transformed into fire-spreading monsters. Humanity’s defence against these monsters are the titular Fire Force, a group of warriors with pyrokinetic powers who literally fight fire with fire. The series focuses on Shinra Kusakabe, a new recruit in the Fire Force who can cause flames to erupt from his feet.

Fire Force ends with a few more chapters. let us know your thoughts about this down in the comments. You can follow us for more anime and manga related content. You might want to read: Attack on Titan Episode Count.

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