As you step into the dark, thrilling world of Diablo 4, you’ll come across a myriad of elements you can use to enhance your character, gear, and, ultimately, your gaming experience.

One element that becomes crucial once you reach the endgame content is the element known as Forgotten Souls. But while this item is paramount to successfully traversing the virtual underworld, it can be difficult to obtain.

This comprehensive guide will unpack the essentials of Forgotten Souls, delving into their purpose, where to find them, and the best farming strategies.


What are Forgotten Souls?


Forgotten Souls is an endgame crafting item that allows you to upgrade Legendary items and reroll stats. They’re a cornerstone of the game’s crafting system, allowing players to modify equipment to fit their playstyle and character builds.

Here are some examples of how Forgotten Souls can significantly impact a player’s experience in Diablo 4:

  • Upgrading Gear: A player can upgrade his weapons & armors & jewelry at any Blacksmith vendor using Forgotten Souls and other crafting materials. Any legendary gear can be upgraded up to Tier 5 to max it out.
  • Rerolling stats: If a player has a high-level sword with excellent damage output but less-than-ideal secondary stats, they could use Forgotten Souls to reroll those secondary stats until they achieve a combination that suits their needs. Doing so could help a melee-focused Barbarian ensure their weapon enhances their preferred skills or attributes.

Moreover, while Diablo 4 doesn’t allow direct trading of Forgotten Souls, you can trade crafted and enhanced items with other players. Much like the services from, this can be useful for obtaining specific gear or resources that might not be readily available otherwise. For instance, a player who excels at finding Forgotten Souls could specialize in crafting and enhancing weapons to trade with other players for rare items or other in-game currency.

 Where to find Forgotten Souls

Pursuing Forgotten Souls takes you deep into the intriguing world of Helltide events, which randomly spawn in the five major zones (occurring every 75 minutes and lasting for an hour). To ensure you’re always ready for these epic battles, unlock World Tier 3 as soon as possible, as this will give you access to the higher-level encounters of Helltides and opportunities to harvest those coveted Forgotten Souls.

However, the timing and availability of Helltide events aren’t fixed, appearing randomly throughout the game. This unpredictability makes the Diablo 4 Helltide tracker an invaluable tool for players. It provides real-time information about the onset of such events, enabling players to plan and participate in them systematically.

Forgotten Souls farming strategies


To fully capitalize on the power of Forgotten Souls, it’s crucial to employ effective farming strategies. Here are some ways to grow your Forgotten Souls collection:

1. Team up

When you team up with friends or other players, you combine your strengths, making it possible to tackle larger and tougher enemy groups. This results in increased survival and a higher chance of defeating the stronger enemies who drop more valuable loot, including Forgotten Souls.

Moreover, each class in Diablo 4 has unique skills and abilities, some of which increase loot drop rates or identify valuable resources. By forming a diverse team, you can make the most of these varied skill sets to enhance your Forgotten Souls farming.

2. Mine Screaming Hell Veins

These special resource nodes appear sporadically throughout Helltide, dropping Forgotten Souls. A trick popularized by streamer imexile manipulates Diablo 4’s node consumption mechanics, allowing a group to open a node multiple times, thus increasing their Forgotten Souls

Here’s how to go about it:

  • When you locate a Screaming Hell Vein, keep one player nearby while the rest teleport to the nearest hub. After the player at the node collects the Forgotten Souls, a second player teleports back, enabling them to interact with the node again to spawn more of the elusive crafting element. Repeat this cycle for the rest of the team.
  • Travel to the nearest hub via your portal and sell accumulated loot before returning to Helltide. This ensures efficient farming of Forgotten Souls, allowing you to teleport to your team if they’re near a Screaming Hell Vein.

This straightforward, albeit crafty, approach holds the potential to significantly augment your Forgotten Souls stockpile.

3. Explore


The Sanctuary in Diablo 4 is teeming with opportunities, especially during Helltide events, making it pivotal to explore your surroundings thoroughly (as it is for acquiring Soul Cinders).

Here’s why investing time in exploration pays dividends:

  • Unearth hidden resources: You can find Screaming Hell Veins in nondescript nooks and crannies. Meticulously combing through the landscape increases your chances of discovering these precious resources.
  • Discover special locations: The Sanctuary is sprinkled with valuable sites that can be gold mines for resources. These include dungeons, secret rooms, or event areas teeming with enemies to defeat and resources to gather.
  • Identify safety spots: In the thick of a Helltide event, having a known safety spot can be a lifesaver. Exploration helps identify these areas where you can retreat to heal, regroup, or plan your next move.

Overall, an intimate knowledge of the map can make navigation during high-pressure Helltide events easier, leading to better positioning and efficient resource gathering.

4. Engage Harbingers and Elites

These adversaries are not just formidable opponents but potentially fruitful sources of loot, including Forgotten Souls. The number of Forgotten Souls you can get depends on the difficulty of the enemy and the level of your character. For example, you’ll likely receive more Forgotten Souls for defeating a Harbinger on Nightmare difficulty than you would for defeating an Elite on Normal difficulty.

While there are no guaranteed ways to receive Forgotten Souls from Harbingers or Elites, engaging these enemies increases your chances of acquiring the valuable endgame item.

5. Harness Aberrant Cinders

Aberrant Cinders are a currency in Diablo 4 that you can use to open Tortured Gifts of Mystery, which contain various valuable items, including Forgotten Souls. While they’re the most expensive Helltide chest (costing 175 Aberrant Cinders), they’re well worth it.

Final words

Given their essential role in game progression, accumulating a steady supply of Forgotten Souls is paramount for any player, regardless of your preferred class or playstyle. They hold the key to unlocking your character’s full potential, so understanding how to get them is a significant step in your journey through the dark, thrilling universe of Diablo 4. Armed with the tips above, gear up and plunge into the depths of Sanctuary!