Higehiro: Release Date, Visuals, and About Trailers
Higehiro: Release Date, Visuals, and About Trailers

This is Higehiro: Release Date, Visuals, and About Trailers. Higehiro is an upcoming Japanese romance anime in April. Also popularly known by the name I Shave My Beard. Then I Pick Up a High School Girl is one of the most awaited anime by fans.

This original light novel gained a lot of popularity due to its deep and dark dramatic elements shielded with a very fine shallow story. Fans are extremely excited and look to the light novel adaptation this spring. Let’s have a look at Higehiro: Release Date, Visuals, and About trailers.

Higehiro is a story that took place in the life of Yoshida, an office worker, and Sayu, a runway high school student. He got a lot of problems in his life. After getting rejected by his long-time crush,  Airi. She is a drunken Yoshida, stumbles upon Sayu, who was sitting alone on side of the road below a streetlight. Yoshida advises Sayu to go home, to which she replies by asking him to take her home. After a failed attempt to seduce Yoshida, Sayu ends up staying the night at his place.

The next morning, Sayu tells Yoshida how she ran away from Hokkaido to Tokyo. She also exchanged intimate favors for a roof over her head and sometimes also for money. Yoshida allows Sayu to stay as long as she attends schools and helps out with the housework and other stuff.

However going through all these problems in his life, Higehiro tells a touching tale. If you are in search of something meaningful other than just a romcom, keep an eye out for this show!

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Higehiro: Release Date

The show is going to release on April 5 as a part of the Spring 2024 anime lineup. Higehiro was announced way back in 2019 on December 26 by Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko. The production work of the show is done by Dream Shift and the animation is by Project No. 9 under the direction of Manabu Kamikita.

The opening, Omoide Shiritori, is created by the J-idol group Dream+ while the ending theme is given by Kaori Ishihara and titled Plastic Smile.

Visuals and Trailers

Many short videos and key visuals have been released for the upcoming anime. In that, we can also see the main cast of the show including Yuuki, Yoshida, Airi, Mishima, and Hashitomo.

Two promotional videos of the show are also released by officials. In both the videos we see Yoshida and Sayu’s very first encounter and how they came close to each other. We also see Yoshida’s change of behavior which is also noticed by his colleagues. Yoshida is also quite popular among females.

About Higehiro

We call it Higehiro or I Shave My Beard. Then I Pick Up a High School Girl is a short novel series by Shimesaba. The drama is later adapted to anime and also in light novel series and manga.

Yoshida, an employee at an IT firm, gets rejected by his crush whom he has liked for 5 years. Drunk and sad, he heads back home but meets a high school girl who strikes a deal with him. She looked very beautiful and interesting to Yoshida. The deal was they could sleep together if he lets her stay in his place. At first, Yoshida is against this but slowly relents.

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