Honey Lemon Soda: Upcoming Tangy And Sweet Love Story

You must be wondering why the name is Honey Lemon Soda? The name Honey Lemon Soda is the way Uka describes Kai. Soda has that sorta bubbly feeling, lemon with sour and refreshing and honey to be soothing. Together this all describes the whole title of the movie. Honey Lemon Soda is a cute love story between a shy girl named Ishimori Uka and an outspoken boy. The officials have just revealed a July premiere date for its live-action film adaptation. Let’s dig deep into about Honey Lemon Soda: Upcoming Tangy And Sweet Love Story

The name of the movie is decided from the hair color of Kai Miura, the male lead character of the story. He is the male protagonist of the story. The girls call him Lemon Soda Boy, a funny nickname! Kia will eventually further in the story recognize Ishimori’s shyness and help her interact with others. With the help of Kai, Ishimora makes many friends throughout the movie and also ends up falling in love with Kai.


Release Date and Trailer

The movie Honey Lemon Soda, the tangy and sweet love story is all set to come on big screens on the 9th of July in Japan. Get ready to witness one of the most beautiful love stories with lots of twists and turns. The production house has also revealed a new trailer recently, fans were also quite happy with the trailer.

The trailer reveals the first meeting of Kai and Ishimori in high school. We see the part where Kai had mistakenly sprayed soda over her! Even with such a rocky start they had, Kai always looks out for her in every difficult situation she faces in High School. We witness some adorable and heart-thumping scenes in the trailer. The trailer reminds us of the pleasures of youth and takes us back into those days.

The theme song of the movie is titled “Hello Hello” for this movie, and the song is performed by Snow Man Band. The song is also previewed in the trailer and very lovely to hear. Some fresh and bright new visuals are also revealed for the movie. Raul, a member of Snow Man Band, is seen in the role of Kai. The visuals shown are very summery and sweet with both the main characters in it.

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The Cast of Honey Lemon Soda

The cast is full of brilliant characters and actors. As we already told that Raul is playing the role of Kai Miura. Ai Yoshikawa is playing the female protagonist as Uka Ishimori. And the other supporting cast includes Maki Noguchi, Ryota Bando, Natsumi Okamoto, and Tatsuomi Hamada. They all have created a place in heart of the audience with their previous works. Honey Lemon Soda: Upcoming Tangy And Sweet Love Story look worth watching.

I must warn you right now that this adorable film is bound to give you fuzzy feelings, and you might end up romanticizing your high-school days!

About Honey Lemon Soda

Honey Lemon Soda is a manga series written by Mayu Murata. It first appeared in the Ribbon Magazine by Shueisha in December 2015. The last volume of this romantic manga has been published last year in December 2020.

Uka is often teased by the students in high school by being called a ‘stone’ because of her shyness and her habit of freezing up in any social situation. In high school, she tries to make a change in her habits. Kai, one of his classmates who has lemon-colored hair warms up to her and tries to help her with all of his troubles. And later slowly fall in love with each other.

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