When we talk about severe medical conditions people often assume that only leukemia and various forms of cancer fall into this category. That is of course a wrong opinion. Medical conditions vary upon their degree of severity, and while the two mentioned are truly severe medical conditions, often untreatable, we can face so many more issues regarding our bodies. One of the conditions that are often overlooked as a severe one is of course anorexia nervosa. Have you heard of this condition? It is an eating disorder, and it can happen to almost anyone.

It is deemed as a quite serious medical condition. The primary reason for that opinion is that it affects the host on both the physical and mental levels. It is one of the rare conditions that is seen as both a mental issue and a physical one at the same time. Anorexia nervosa is a mental condition that can cause rapid physical deterioration. If not treated in time it can cause severe issues to various parts of our bodies. So, if you’re feeling like you’re having this issue, or you suspect that someone in your family might have it, you must react swiftly.

Body image eating disorders development such as this one can be noticed at early stages. This is why it’s essential to react as fast as possible once the early signs are there. Once the syndrome takes the main stage, dealing with it gets harder and harder as more time goes on. The main issue is, of course, that it needs to be handled on both mental and physical levels, which makes it hard to overcome. This is why the first steps toward recovery must be taken early on. This begs the question – how long will recovery take for anorexia nervosa? Let’s see what e know about this.

The Recovery Process

As we said, the first step towards recovery would be to notice that you have an issue.  This is the hardest part. But, many experts see it as the first step toward recovery. We must warn you that this is not an easy road, but anyone with an eating disorder needs to partake. The solving of this issue starts even before you’re ready to admit that there is one. Even when you notice that something is wrong, and people around you start to get a hang of the situation, no action, or even a talk about it happening is the first stage. It is often called the precontemplation stage. It’s where it all starts, and it is the first step toward a long recovery.

The second step on your road is the contemplation stage. Yes, this is the step that carries the most anxiety with itself, but another you need to take. You and your close one are aware of the issues at hand, and you’re willing to discuss them. Getting help when you have anorexia nervosa is vital. Thinking about it is not enough. You need to be direct. Do not rush matters, but there’s also no time for delay.

Once you’re done with the two first stages of recovery, moving on to the next one is crucial. You need to prepare yourself for what’s next. That’s why this stadium is called the preparation stadium. During it, you need to become aware that action is needed. But, of course, you won’t know what to do. This is normal. You need to contact a medical expert and find a treatment that suits your needs the best. Treating anorexia is not only a health journey, it is also an emotional one. You need to cover all the parts of your treatment the best way you can to have maximum effect. Dealing with this condition is all about having a strategy and never giving up on it. Considering that it’s an emotional journey as much as it is a healthy one it is easy to stray from the path.

After the three initial stages are over, you need to take action. Once you’re in action mode, there should be no stops. This is vital for your health. This is the part where you’re partaking in the treatment and are doing everything in your power to get back on track. During the action part, you’ll be making changes to your lifestyle habits, and diet, and of course, you’ll be trying your best to establish a normal daily routine. While this might sound easy, it’s only on paper that’s easy. When you’re in this stadium of your recovery, it will be hard. It will take time. Reading this article takes ten minutes. Going through all stages of recovery takes months and sometimes even years.

When we say that it takes a long, it is no joke. You need to be aware that maintaining healthy changes is not easy. The chances of a relapse when you’re dealing with anorexia nervosa are quite high. Relapse is most likely to happen in the early stages of your dealing with the issue. This is why you need to remain loyal to your strategies. The action stage from above will last at least six months, often much longer. Staying focused is vital. Why do we say this? Well, when you go through all of the stages from above, you mustn’t forget one thing – you’re healing both mentally and physically.

This is what makes the healing process so long. Healing your body is one thing. You could do it in a few months. But, healing your mind, and avoiding relapse are another. This is not a condition that once you receive it gets forgotten. You’ll be remembering your anorexia issues each time you eat. It could take years before you lose the anxiety tied to having a meal. This is why it is so important that you address the issues as soon as you notice the first signs. The more you wait, the harder it will be to deal with anorexia nervosa. Also, the recovery will last much longer. Take care of your body and mind.