Release of Among Us on XBOX, PS5, and PS4?

One of the most popular games of 2020 Among Us which gained huge popularity all over the world just after it was launched. Not only the most popular but it is also the most-watched game on the streaming platform Twitch. The game is also said to be the game of the year 2020. India is a huge market for any game and such a popular game like among us people of the world have shown huge for this game. But with this many players keep asking many questions such as if this game is coming on PS5, PS4, XBOX One, and series X console?

Here we are gonna discuss whether the game is going to release on them and if yes what is the release date for it?

The makers were working on the sequel but before they could start making it it was canceled. Further, the makers started working on the new map in the game which was revealed at the Game Awards 2020. The full map was revealed at the Award night. This new map is expected to be made available for the user in 2024, the date is yet not confirmed. With the new map surely the game is gonna be a lot more interesting.

Let’s not get diverted from the topic that is what about the release on XBOX and PS. Below you are gonna find your answer.

Is Among Us free on Nintendo switch?

As per the latest news from the developers the game is not free on the Nintendo switch.

As we all know the game is free for mobile phones but at the same time, it cost 3.89 pounds on a Nintendo switch. But for the mobile users also the game is free but they have to pay for the additional cosmetics.

This is the best chance for all the Nintendo switch user to try out the best game of the year 2020.for all those who have not tried out this on steam or mobile it is the best time to buy the game as it cost very less and trust me it is worth your money.

Will Among Us coming to XBOX one and PS?

It is officially confirmed that the game is going to be released on Xbox One and Xbox Series X in the year 2024. At the same time the sad news for the users of PS4 and PS5 that the game is not coming on PS. For now, the game is available on Xbox Game Pass for PC subscribers.

As it is released on Xbox hopefully sooner or later it might release on PS4 and PS5 also.

As for the Sony console the company has said nothing about the release. Console user might miss the fun which the game provides.

Many of the streamers have started streaming this game and because of that, the popularity of the game is increased. People love to watch their favorites playing, they enjoy the game by playing with their group. The game is very simple and yet provides us with a lot of fun.

Once again the game is available to Nintendo switch users and via Xbox game pass for Xbox users. Hope you all got the answers to your questions.