It's Disgusting To Call This Love Episode 3, Release Date, Spoilers

Turns out the official English title, Koikimo, is a cute title portmanteau for the full Japanese title; Koi to Yobu wa Kimochi Warui, which translates to “It’s Disgusting To Call This Love.” It’s a pretty accurate title, as the story compliments the title. This is about It’s Disgusting To Call This Love Episode 3, Release Date, Spoilers.

Less accurate, however, is the first episode’s title, “He’s Not Entirely Bad,” because no,   is that bad. If you have watched the first episode, you will agree with me. Check out its trailer here!

It’s Disgusting To Call This Love premiered on April 5, 2024. With 2 episodes down, the anime’s third episode is set to release soon. So, when is It’s Disgusting To Call This Love Episode 3 is releasing?


It’s Disgusting To Call This Love, Episode 3: Release Date

Koikimo, Episode 3 will be released on April 12, 2024. This series airs in prime time in Japan. so expect this series to broadcast at its usual time of 10 pm Japan Standard Time. This means it will air around the world at the following times:

  • Pacific Time: 6 pm
  • Central Time: 8 am
  • Eastern Time: 9 am
  • British Time: 2 am

Where To Watch?

You can check out It’s Disgusting To Call This Love, Episode 3 exclusively at Crunchyroll and Funimation. The episodes can be watched on VRV. As mentioned above, Amazon Prime is streaming the series in Japan.

Furthermore, the current two released episodes have also reached other platforms like Youtube. So, you can watch it there with good subtitles.

This series got off to a rough start with the first episode. While it tried to play the romantic angle off for laughs, it fails at pretty much every encounter. Moreover, all the encounters seem creepy how Rio comes across.

It's Disgusting To Call This Love

He might have good intentions. But, that doesn’t stop him from coming across as a complete creeper who is trying to romance. So what happens in It’s Disgusting To Call This Love Episode 3? Before that, we shall take a quick look at the previous episode’s recap.

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A Quick Review On The Previous Episode!

Studio Nomad has brought us Koikimo, though its title gives the Western audience a better glimpse of the grim fable to come. As with so many of the so-called “final girls” of horror cinema; our heroine Ichika Arima is a sweet teenager that is simply trying to make it through high school with her head and heart intact.

She is the mythic Red Riding Good that finds herself lost in a deadly forest; One made up of concrete and office buildings and filled with predators dressed in three-piece suits.

The wolf in It’s Disgusting To Call This Love anime is Rio. Therefore, he brings the kind of dandy psychopath that Christian Bale embodied well in his career-defining performance. I’m talking about ‘Patrick Bateman’ in American Psycho.

Rio’s high school best friend Masuda makes his first appearance. He reacts in disbelief when he learns about Rio’s one-sided crush. Maduda is A freelance Photographer, and also Rio’s middle-high school friend.

It's Disgusting To Call This Love: Masuda & Rio

Ichika along with her best friend Ryou is busy with the school festival program. As Rio makes his entry along with Masuda at the festival, things start to get uneasy for Ichika yet once again.

Ryou assists her brother to spend some time with Ichika as she insists on asking Ichika to show her brother around. Despite her uneasiness, Ichika however agrees as she left with no choice.

Ryou treats her well as always to gain her trust and love toward him. Things get spicy when the same saving scene from before repeats except, the other way around. He shows his gratitude toward Ichika as he recalls the scene from the past. Rio calls it even as this time he saves Ichika from falling.

It’s Disgusting To Call This Love, Episode 3: Predictions & Possibilities

So what will happen in It’s Disgusting To Call This Love, Episode 3? From here on out it seems like there will be a change in the plot. After the epic ‘fall saving scene’ between the couple, Ichika’s perspective & attitude might change towards Rio.

As she recalls Rio’s good treatment towards her from within the past days, there might be a change of events. Maybe, Yuko Kakihara, the writer may finally give us some pleasant plot, avoiding all the uneasiness in the story.

We won’t know until we watch It’s Disgusting To Call This Love, Episode 3.

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About the Anime

Koikimo, short for Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui is a Japanese romantic comedy manga series by Mogusu. An anime television series adaptation by Nomad premiered on March 2024 on streaming platforms and television on April 5, 2024.

Rio Amakusa is a wealthy adult businessman, the kind who speaks fluent English on high-stakes calls around the world. He is a womanizer while looking down on the woman he hooks up with.

The mistake the female lead Ichika makes is in saving Rio from a potentially nasty fall down a flight of stairs. There is also this huge age gap of 10 years between them as Rio is in his late 20s while Ichika is a middle school-going girl.

Once he sets his sights on Ichika, he stalks relentlessly, sends her unwanted gifts, ignores her socially conditioned polite & indirect rejections. His little sister Ryou, Ichika’s classmate enables him by feeding him personal information about Ichika.

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