Today we are going to talk about Kaifuku Jutsushi Redo Of Healer Chapter 41 of the manga. also popular as Redo of Healer among the manga reader and  Anime watchers, is a fantasy light novel. Adapted to manga by Sōken Haga.

We know that there is a long wait for the Kaifuku Jutsushi Redo Of Healer Chapter 41, so in the meantime, let’s do a recap. The article will also take you through what can readers expect in the upcoming chapters as well. Let’s roll into the article without any delay.


Kaifuku Jutsushi Redo Of Healer Chapter 41:

Since there is a lot of time in Kaifuku Jutsushi Redo Of Healer: latest chapter, there aren’t many spoilers or raw scans available at the moment. But worry not, here is everything we know based on the last chapter.

We saw that Bullet left a letter for Keyaruga with Kureha. The letter warns them about the King of Jioral kingdom. Apart from this, another letter is passed onto Keyaruga that shows the basics of a hero. these basics are written in a coded language, that can only be read by another hero.

Here are the basics that are mentioned in the letter of Kaifuku Jutsushi Redo Of Healer:

  • There can only be 10 heroes at a time.
  • Since the numbers are limited, only when a hero dies the next one is born.
  • Anyone is chosen to become a hero once he turns 14 years of age.
  • Heroes have no level limit.
  • Those in the same party as a hero get higher level boosts.
  • Even the teammates can break the limit, by receiving body fluids from a hero.
  • It takes about 2 years until the new hero is chosen after one dies.
  • And during that time those with the right attitude are chosen to have the same seal as the dead hero.

Kureha’s zeal to become Sword Hero:

After explaining these basics, Keyaruga says to Kureha that she can become the sword hero. He speculates that bullet wants him to help Kureha become the sword hero. In order to use their combined power against the Jioral kingdom.

Kaifuku Jutsushi Redo Of Healer

The problem in front of them is very big at the moment. Since there is only one special location they have can go to. And they have 2 days to reach it, otherwise, everything we fail as they don’t have another 1 1/2 years.

Keyaruga sets his eyes on becoming more powerful and asks Kureha if she wants to do the same. He doesn’t want to force her. But Kureha is determined to become a hero and fight alongside Keyaruga. Both set out on the journey at the end of the chapter.

Kaifuku Jutsushi Redo Of Healer Chapter 41: Release date

Kaifuku Jutsushi Redo Of Healer comes out every month. It will be out on 24th December and fans can expect raw scans a few days prior to publication. For the time being, we can only speculate as to what hardships Keyaruga and Kureha will fave on their journey. Is Bullet alive?. All these questions will be more clear once raw scans come out.

We will update the article once more information and spoilers surface online, so keep a close eye.

As for where you can read Kaifuku Jutsushi Redo Of Healer click here.

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