Kengan Omega Chapter 138

Kengan Omega is currently among the most trending series. The episodes are launched one after the other with a grasping plot. The manga is no different, as the fans anticipate for Kengan Omega Chapter 138.

By the end of this article, you will be updated with releasing date of Kengan Omega Chapter 138. We also provide you with the predictions of Kengan Omega Chapter 138.

Note: No spoilers are involved in this article.


Kengan Omega: Chapter 138

Kengan Omega Chapter 138: Release date & Predictions!

Kengan Omega Chapter 138 will be launched on 9 December 2024. Yes, the chapter will be released in just a few days! The previous chapter was incredibly underwhelming and was obvious that Ohma would be the winner.

So what lies ahead in Kengan Omega Chapter 138? Let’s find out as we bring you the latest chapter predictions.

The final showdown comes to an end! But as usual, we might get to see more Kingdom fights. One and one match may also include. We may kind of get back to business once this art is wrapped up.

Now, the business deals between all the Kengan association members. When we talk about Ohma specifically, we may get to see his fights with others. Will he fight in the annihilation tournament or will he get to fight with his rivals?

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Where To Read?

If you want to read the English version of the chapter, I’d recommend VIZ Media.

Otherwise, you can wait for the official release & watch either on Shonen Jump App Android or Shonen Jump App iOS or Manga Plus app.

A Quick Review on Chapter 137!

It has been 388 days since this tournament started and this chapter is where the tournament ends. In this chapter, we have a little bit of commentary from Musasa.

Long shifts his centre of gravity to match that of Ohma. Lolong goes into a complete offensive form creating a long-range attack on Ohma. As Ohma is good at close combat, it was a smart move of Rolon.

As Ohma takes 12 to 15 elbows from Lolong, a flashback appears of his time in the Kure village. In this flashback, both hazou and Fusawi are watching Ohma and Lolong at it against each other.

Hazou sees both of these guys as freaks. He also personally thinks that Ohma is somewhat a masochist. In this fight, both are going completely out of their way to hurt each other. They land strike upon strikes against each other. They both engage in a striking pattern against each other.

The final match between Lolong and Ohma

From here on, Ohna tells Henzou why he is calling him a freak. And then he has self-realization that he is still being the same. Even with a new heart, he has a new lease on life. After Ohma uses the flashing steel attack, Raian sees that it is completely slow.

Later, we go back into the fight between him and Lolong. I am was able to recover from the strikes of Lolong. He decides to have a little commentary thought on himself. At this point, Ohma knew he was going to win this match.

Ohma uses the Kure technique of earth scrapper. Later, he shifts the balance of what Lolong had on the ground. Then he follows that up with Niko style flashing steel smash. This sends Lolong across the stage.

The count begins as everyone is surprised and happy. Alyssa announces that Ohma Tokita has won the last match of this tournament. This makes Kengan the winner of this entire tournament.

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About the Anime Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega is a sequel of Kengan Ashura, which began in 2019. It was adapted into an original net animation (ONA) anime series. Two years after the events of Kengan Ashura, narushima Koga aims to enter the Kengan matches.

He begins to work under Yamashita Kazou and meets a mysterious young man named Gaoh Ryuki. Ryuki seems to be the spitting image of Ohma.

A massive showdown between the Kengan Association & Purgatory begins. Purgatory is another underground martial-arts fighting organization.

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