Kingdom Chapter 650

Howdy, everyone. Kingdom Chapter 650 Release Date, Spoilers, Mega Thread for Discussion, leaks, raw scans, Speculations, Live Countdown, updates to the English scans of the latest Manga thread. Kingdom Chapter 650 official release date is on 18 August 2020.


Kingdom Chapter 650 Release Date

With Shonen Jump being on a break, the raw scans of Kingdom Chapter 650 will be available around 18th August. But those will be in the Japanese language and have to be translated into the English language so everyone can read those.

The English translations should be available by 20th August and the French will follow.
When it comes to Kingdom Anime, there are rumors that its fourth season will be announced soon.

Where to Read/Watch Kingdom Chapters Officially?


The raw Japanese chapters are already released, therefore, if you have some way of dealing with their translations you can check them.

To know more about Kingdom Manga Chapter 650 go to the Kingdom Reddit community.

Currently, there is no official website for you to read Kingdom manga online officially, it is only available on original ‘Weekly Young Magazine’.

You can also read the latest chapters online on unofficial sites but we do not recommend them.

But we highly advise you to support the official release as it supports the creators and owners.

Kingdom Chapter 650 Spoilers and predictions

Kingdom Chapter 650 will mainly be about the Qin-Wei alliance. Right now Wei is in a dilemma and they don’t know whether accepting this deal will be good for them or not. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of the deal.

The advantage is that Qin can fight without any stress on Zhao fronts. They will take Kantan and Zhao will follow. Also, the peace treaty with Wei is economically beneficial.
The only disadvantage is that Qin needs to fight the Chu. If Qin loses, all will go in vain and if Qin wins, no territory will be gained.

So the plan can end in many ways possible. But everything depends on Gohoumei and if he thinks that the positive is more than the negatives of the plan, he will agree too.
We can only wait for Kingdom Chapter 650.

If the Chu vs Qin and Wei do happen, we hope General Gohoumei and Moubu will fight together which will indeed be a sight to see. Whether Shin will join this battle is not confirmed yet. Once this war ends, then we might get to see Qin vs Zhao or maybe we won’t. Right now the manga is way too unpredictable and anything can happen.

Till then, check out our other anime like Black Clover.

Kingdom Chapter 649 Recap.

At this point, there has been quite an interesting turn of events in the manga. Kingdom Chapter 649 started with Shin being on the front lines. Shin faces an unexpected army which is a lot larger than them when he breaks the Zhao defense line. Both the Garo and Gakurai Hi Hyou units are ordered to be assisted by Shin. They all then plan to return to the headquarters to talk about their next moves.

This marks one year of fighting continuously and we can see that both the armies are equally tired and confused.

Shin made a suggestion of messaging Shun Hei Kun asking him to help with more men. But he is consoled that Shun Hei Kun is already making some new strategies by Ten.
On the other hand, Shun Hei Kun also tells the council about his plans. He also adds that he cannot send any more men as it would leave them weak and vulnerable, Wei being the biggest factor right now.

If Qin moves the army from Wei’s border, Wei will lead an attack on them immediately. Also, if Qin takes a lot of time to defeat Zhao, Wei would use the Yellow river to come behind them and defeat Gyou. Because of this, Shun Hei Kun intends to form a three-year allegiance with Wei. This comment almost fills everyone in the room with surprise.

But Shun Hei Kun further says that in order for an allegiance, they will offer Wei the Juuko City. Kingdom Chapter 650 will surely bring something good.

About Kingdom Manga

As per fandomKingdom (キングダム Kingudamu) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hara, Yasuhisa (原 泰久)

Published by Shueisha and serialized in Weekly Young Jump.

The story takes place during the Warring States Period of ancient China (476-221 BCE).

Centering on the journey of an unknown boy and young king as they try to change the kingdom’s course of history where it will lead to their destiny being marked by violence and pain. Let’s see what will happen in Kingdom Chapter 650. Also, check about the latest One Piece Chapter and Boruto Chapter.

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