Hey there folks! Today we are here to talk about the release date, possible spoilers as well as other details of the all-new Kingdom Chapter 651.

Fans of the manga all over the world have been waiting long enough for this moment- the commencement of the Juuko battle- Kingdom Chapter 651 is such a chapter that will make your blood boil. There are only two possible ways this chapter can end- it will either dishearten the fans or it will be a rather scary and thrilling one. The pace at which this manga is going is incredibly fast.  Let’s get into some details now.


Kingdom Chapter 651: Release date

The raw scans of Chapter 651 will be released on 26th August 2020. That will be released in the Japanese language so you have to wait for it to be translated into English. Sadly it is not officially released in English.

However, there is will be translations available by fans but you have to wait a bit for it. The French and Korean translations will be available on 27th August. You will get to read the English one probably on 28th August!

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Kingdom Chapter 650: A quick recap

An army of 30,000 is headed for Juuko under General Moubu. We see an overjoyed General Manu and Sen to un. These war-hungry generals just want a battle to fight. They just want to win a battle but the Chu is strong indeed. They know that Moubu is a great general and strong indeed but these young generals just want to fight a battle and prove their worth too.

Moubu is also aware of the day that it is the specific day that ShouHeiKun has given orders to raid Juuko with Wei. But Moubu does not care about the condition of Wei and will attack Juuko no matter what. Moubu barges in and commences the war which gives the enemy generals immense pleasure!

Kingdom Chapter 651: Spoilers and Predictions!

As mentioned earlier this particular chapter might have a dark ending. The Moubu army might have a shot at winning the battle of Getsuchi if Wei joins. After that, they have to go forward to seize Juuko. Meanwhile, if Wei delays or disagrees to fight, the Qin army will be in grave danger. It might look like a loss of 30,000 men is not a great deal in comparison to the massive number you usually see in battles.

But there is one critical thing to be kept in mind- Qin will face the loss of one of the greatest generals if in case Moubu fails. Also, if he falls there will be havoc in the Wei-Chu border. Qin will also face grave danger in case the forces at their border are defeated. They won’t be able to attack Zhao or even protect themselves from Chu or Wei. This can lead to the loss of a lot of good generals as well as land.

Looking on the bright side, Chapter 651 will also focus on the meeting of Manu and his 3 generals and Moubu. We will also get to see Moubu and Gohoumei fight side by side. This duo is incredibly strong and we can hope they defeat the Chu.

The wait will be over soon. Till then check out our other articles on Ahiru No Sora and Dragon Ball Super.

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