Kingdom Chapter 669 Release Date Announced, Spoilers!

Kingdom Chapter 669 is the next chapter of this manga. But, Kingdom Season 3 anime is on a break after completing 4 episodes. Fans would have to wait an extra week for that. While the Kingdom Season 3 Episode 5 is set to release this year. As COVID-19 is back again, it is waiting for a new slot, and hope it will resume from next season.

No chapter is coming out this Sunday. But, it revealed that Shiki let herself killed and that’s the reason Rei feels so guilty. Fans are waiting to watch the other side, where Rei will face Shiki once again like Kai faced Shou.

We can also expect a rematch between Shiki and Rei as Kai could easily trance Rei into the afterlife. Here we will talk about more detail on Chapter 669 Spoilers, Release Date, and leaks.

Here is the trailer of Kingdom Season 3


Kingdom Chapter 669 Release Date

We can expect the Kingdom Chapter 669 next Sunday, Which is February 14, 2023, as per the official source information. Though the raw scans of Chapter 669 along with the spoilers will be leaked few days before the release date. But, it is always better to wait for the English translation.

Although there is no official website to read this Kingdom Manga series online. But, you can read this upcoming chapter 669 on Weekly Young Magazine for free.

Kingdom Discussion and Spoilers

Kingdom chapter 669

Spoilers of Kingdom Chapter 669 would have been out by now. As this manga series is on break, fans should wait till Tuesday. We can expect the spoiler’s entry after few hours to stay tuned to Omnitos.

It is always hard to predict what will happen in Kingdom’s latest Chapter as Yasuhisa Hara is currently writing things based on fiction. But, not based on the actual storyline as the afterlife trance and magical techniques do not happen.

Where to Read This Maga Online?

There is no official site where you can view Kingdom Manga online, but the latest issues are translated into a magazine. Kingdom chap 669 manga English translation can be read online on a fan magazine and waiting for the full official release to help the creators.

About Kingdom Manga

Manga’s from Hara, Yasuhis, Kingdom is coming. Young Jump is publishing this manga Since January 2006. This Manga earned a Guinness World Record in 2013 for being published by many people on different platforms. Action, drama, historical, military, and Seinen are the genres that cover Kingdom. As regards the story, Xin and Piao, who wish to become the “Great General of the Heavens,” are the orphans of war. Chapter 668 from Kingdom is already out to read online. While the next chapter will be aired soon.

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