Like what many people say, nothing compares to Latino TV series. Whether you plan to watch someone new on Netflix or simply want to improve your Spanish vocabulary, there are plenty of compelling stories to get hooked into. Comedies, thrillers, dramas, and other genres – name it, and this list will surely have it.

Of course, Netflix is one of the leading sources for a huge selection of Latino shows, so we’ve compiled a list of the ones you shouldn’t miss watching that are currently available on the streaming service and most Latino TV packages. Let’s begin!


1. Monarca


Monarca is a Spanish word that means king or queen of a hierarchy. The story revolves around journalist Ana Maria (Irene Azuela), who left her native Jalisco, Mexico, because she didn’t like the way her father ran his tequila business. So when her father dies, Ana and her two brothers quarrel about who will run the business.

The series highlights what it’s like to manage life in both the American and Mexican cultures. The show also discusses racism, corruption, sexual abuse, and social discrimination in Mexico. For those who like thrillers, check out this drama series.

2. Enemigo Intimo

Enemigo Intimo is a Spanish-language Netflix series produced by Telemundo International and developed by Telemundo Global Studios and Argos Comunicación. The series features Fernanda Castillo, Ral Méndez, and Matas Novoa. It depicts the story of two siblings who were split up when they were young and eventually reunited.

They fail to recognize their many similarities, like having the same parents, having a nice childhood, and being only separated by a serious crime. They are now forced to interact in a conflict without mercy by fate because he has never stopped hunting for her, and she currently has no memories.

3. Club De Cuervos


Club De Cuervos is a comedy-drama streaming series created by Gary Alazraki and Michael Lam. The primary characters in the storyline are Salvador “Chava” Iglesias Jr. and his sister Isabel. The two’s father was the president of the Los Cuervos of Nuevo Toledo soccer club in Mexico.

In the story, the choice of the next president must be determined after their father passes away unexpectedly. Even though she is well-versed in the squad and soccer, Isabel faces off against people who think her brother is the greatest choice. Chava, on the other hand, is greedy and has a habit of overspending, particularly when it comes to his crazy ideas.

4. Ingobernable


Netflix’s Ingobernable is a political drama series starring Kate del Castillo. The opening scene of Ingobernable has a fictitious Mexican president’s wife announcing that she is divorcing her husband. When she wakes up after being knocked out, she discovers that she is the prime suspect in his murder.

Both the current plot and flashbacks disclose the entire storyline. First Lady Emilia had formerly been a crusader for world peace, but she had started to wonder whether her husband wasn’t quite the good man she had imagined. That’s why she is currently hiding away while attempting to clear her name and discover the truth.

5. The Club

The Club is a crime drama series created by Argos Comunicación and directed by Camila Ibarra. The main character of the story is Pablo (Alejandro Speitzer), a wealthy Mexican teenager who wants to start his own business but is unsure of how to do so. Pablo’s father always urged him to pursue a career in business and reminded him that he had already accomplished more when he was younger.

Pablo comes up with the concept of a dating app, but it doesn’t catch on as he anticipates. To prove to Pablo’s father that he is successful, he and his friend Matias (Jorge Caballero) start constructing fictitious online identities.

Final Thoughts

Celebrating the rich and varied culture of Hispanics and Latinos has become a key component of Latino TV series. When it comes to the streaming experience, Netflix has completely transformed the game, and no media outlet has taken a more proactive role in elevating Latino and Hispanic voices. Hence, give these series a try to make sure you don’t miss out and get ready for some amazing movie-watching experiences.