Love Attack on Titan? Here Are 10 Similar Anime To Watch
Love Attack on Titan? Here Are 10 Similar Anime To Watch

The height may have subsided, but Attack on Titan was Bar None the biggest thing in the anime world just a few years ago. However, the series is taking a break from the usual themes of friendship, power, protagonist plot armor. Attack on Titan instead built itself on subverting all of those things. But have you ever wondered if there is an anime similar to Attack on Titan? I understand how the thought itself is making you curious to the next level!

In this article, you will learn about a few other anime that are similar to Attack on Titan. Those that share some themes and elements with the series, and temporarily quench your craving for more Attack on Titan. While you await the anime’s inevitable next installment, let’s find you some anime similar to Attack on Titan.


10 Similar Anime To Watch like Attack on Titan

Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress

Among the list of anime similar to Attack on Titan, this may be the most obvious inclusion. In this anime, the world’s in the midst of an industrial revolution when a mysterious virus appears and transforms people into Kabane. Besides, the people later change into dead creatures that can’t be destroyed through conventional means.

The only way to kill these monsters is to pierce their steel-coated hearts. Instead of falling into the ranks of these monsters, Ikoma resists infection and becomes a Kabaneri, a human carbon hybrid. Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress takes a step further from other shows on this list with its similarity with Attack on Titan.

Furthermore, the premise Kabane era of the Iron fortress even looks like Attack on Titan. Come on, take a look at the poster of the overall ambiance of the whole thing.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion carved its name amongst the legends of anime history. At this point lot of you are probably acquainted with the iconic story of Shinji Ray Oscar and the rest of the nerve. The cataclysm wipes out a chunk of the Earth’s population and the government summons Shinji Ikari.

His mission is to pilot a robot called Evangelion and defend the Earth against alien beings called Angels. Later, he’s thrown into the midst of the conflict between humanity and angels. This is a show that deserves to find its way to everyone’s watchlist.


In this anime, humanity has done what it does best and completely ruin the planet Earth. Around the same time, the air becomes almost too polluted to breathe. Giant monsters known as Gadol appear and wipe out 90 percent of humanity. The humans who were lucky enough to survive, dwell within a single mobile city with 3000 meter high walls.

The citizens of the city are divided into two categories, warriors who fight against the Gadol and everyone else who support the warriors. The main character Natsume dreams and trains to be a warrior just like our Eren, making to the list of anime similar to Attack on Titan.

Gurren Lagann

In a future where the spiral King rules the world, humans are forced to live inside underground villages. The protagonist discovers a drill-shaped key that allows him to activate a robot. This brings him and his foster brother’s governor to the surface, where they’re introduced to the world above. Also, they meet an enemy mecha called gunmen.

Both the series involve young heroes striving to lead the trapped human race towards a breakthrough against seemingly infallible forces. In addition, they both deal with loss and tragedy as a strong catalyst to move the plot forward.

Seraph Of The End

Just like what that debunked prophecy said, the whole world in this anime does come to an end in 2012. Doomsday comes in the form of Vampires that eliminates everyone age 13, and above. The remnants of humanity become enslaved to the world’s new conquerors’ vampires. Growing tired of being the livestock of them, Yuichiro & Michaela hatch a plan to escape from the vampires.

Once again we have a premise that’s similar to AOT. People fight for a war for survival against monstrous beings that toppled humanity’s previous world’s order. Moreover, in this case we even have a protagonist that’s eerily similar to Eren!

Akame Ga Kill

Tatsumi embarks on a quest to the capital in order to earn money for his impoverished village. He soon gets involved in an attack by the assassin group night trade. Then he witnesses firsthand rampant corruption in the capital and nearly becomes a victim himself. Later, he becomes a new member of the group, who in reality intends to cleanse the capital of corruption.

Finally, we take a much-needed break from all the humanity getting wiped out by a virus/monster invasion. Its similarities to AOT come in its graphic nature and willingness to kill the main characters.


Claymore set in a world with demons called Youma. These demons have the ability to shape-shift and hide among humans to wait for the opportunity to feast on them. After losing his family to a Youma, Rocky’s saved by a stoic woman called Claire. She is a human Youma hybrid who specializes in tracking down the Youma.

The shared goal of our protagonists, adds similarities to the series. Both Eren and Claire are fueled by revenge!

Black Bullet

Shooting its way to the second spot is Black Bullet! The year is 2024 and mankind finds itself devastated by Gastrea, a parasitic virus capable of infecting humans and animals turning them into monsters.

As humans are hopeless against this sort of zombie apocalypse, they are forced to hide inside cities protected by monolith walls fortified with the only material that can hurt Gastrea.

Miranium enters Rentaro Satomi, a team who lost his parents in the Gastrea war. He partners with a new and energetic clingy little girl with trust issues, the two aim to protect Tokyo from the Gastrea threat. Black Bullet may or may not be inspired by the Attack on Titan setting, you can’t help but wonder how the anime’s similar to Attack on Titan.

This time we’ve got humanity hiding behind the walls against monstrous threats that can infect and take over people. So the premise of humanity’s hope lies on special groups of people trained to deal with the imminent threat.

God Eater

In 2017, the world as we know was destroyed by creatures known as Aragami. These creatures are immune to conventional weaponry. However, hope is not lost.

An organization called ‘Fenrir’ manages to develop God-like weapons that are capable of defeating the unstoppable monstrosities known as God Eaters.

God Eater is the first of many shows that have a lot of similarities, making it one of the top 10 anime similar to Attack on Titan. The setting for both shows is a dystopian world. And humanity is being driven to extinction by the unbeatable monsters. Besides, humans discover or develop a specific way to combat them.

Although the two series are different in a lot of ways. God Eaters world place is more emphasis on technology and the modernized world. Nevertheless, if you want a slightly different take on the Attack on Titan formula, you can always check this show.

Tokyo Ghoul

In AOT, Eren has a secret he himself is unaware of that helps him, battle titans, giving him and the soldiers a decent advantage of protecting humanity. In Tokyo Ghoul it’s slightly different. Since the world is overrun with Ghouls and the main character becomes a ghoul himself. But the experiences and the struggles each main character face are what ties AOT with Tokyo Ghoul.

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