Major plot twist In Penthouse 2 episode 11. Spoilers, Update!

Oh well when we talk about suspense drama, Penthouse 2 has to top the list. Almost every episode of season 2 has hit us with shocking plot twists but penthouse 2 episode 11 has some big surprises for us and you will be caught off guard.

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Penthouse 2 episode 11 release date:

The release date of Penthouse Season 2 Episode 11 is 26th March 2024.

Where to watch Penthouse 2 episode 11?

Official release on SBS tv and if you wait a few days you can watch it on

Before we get into talking about the spoilers of Penthouse 2 episode 11, let us have some highlights of penthouse 2 episode 10, shall we?

Penthouse 2 episode 10

The episode starts with the news of Ju Dan Tae’s and Seo Ji’s wedding and soon the news broke that Ha Yoon Chul was arrested in case of Bae Rona’s murder. He admits that he killed her and told Oh Yeon Hee and Seo Ji that he did so that he could save Eun Byeol from the arrest.

Meanwhile, Eun Byeol did not go to the USA and also regained her memory and told her mom that she attacked Ro Na but there was someone else present there as well. She remembers the ringtone she heard.

Ju Dan Tae showed his real colors to Seo Ji and when she refused to wrote the Chong A medical to him he locked her in a small basement type room where he claimed that his ex-wife Shun Su Ryeon was also kept and beaten by him. Ju Dan Tae’s daughter comes to her rescue and Ju DanTae does not allow her to meet her daughter Eun Byeol.

Amidst all this chaos Na Ae Gyi and Oh Yeon Hee team up against Ju Dan Tae and finds out that he killed Bae Rona that night. This secret was confirmed when Seo Ji went to drunk Ju Dan Tae’s room to kill him and instead finds out the ringtone that Eun Byeol heard was him also finds out that he changed clothes in the event.

Penthouse 2 ep 11 spoiler

It is already confirmed that Shun Su Ryeon returns with the identity of Na Ae Gyi and while everyone is suspicious of her Logan Lee was the first to notice little detail of her pendant that she now uses as her charm in her handbags. Although she did not admit anything when Logan Lee confronted her she did not refuse and was carried away at the moment and then they were interrupted by few men who walk into them.

That was all the highlights of episode 10.

Spoilers and prediction Penthouse 2 Episode 11:

The preview of Penthouse 2 episode 11 gives a little bit of a story about betrayal to Ju Dan Tae and the traitor might be secretary Jo? We see him beating someone with a sack on his body.

Penthouse 2 episode 10

Do you remember when Seok Hoon So gets a call from someone and we saw a patient getting better and picking up a phone? Who else was hospitalized other than Bae Ro Na? Wait, does that mean Bae Ro Na is alive? If yes then it is going to get Ju Dan Tae into some big trouble, he might end up in jail eventually. Then what will happen to Dr. Ha who already took the blame?

Also, will Na Ae Gyi get exposed? We see Na Ae Gyi running for her life and also getting death threats. The preview also contained some secret door mystery in Shun Su Ryeon furniture store. What new plot twist and suspense will that door bring? I guess we will have to see.