Howdy folks! Today we are here to talk about the sensational Indian series- Mirzapur that took the hearts of everyone by a storm. In this article, we will talk about Release dates, spoilers, details, the ‘Munna Bhaiya’ case of the Mirzapur S3. Let’s get started!

We all have to agree on the fact that 2020 has caused quite a stir in our lifestyle. But, it has been a good year for TV shows and series. And for the Indian fans? They are overjoyed to have the long-awaited Mirzapur S2 back!

As soon as the season ended, fans are thrilled and want to know more about the third season- when will it air? How will it end? So, let us get into some details here!


Mirzapur S3: Release Date

With S2’s ending, everyone’s been dying to know what happens in s3 or when will it come out. The second season amazed everyone with its plot, action, as well as romance scenes. It sure did leave us with a lot of questions too!

S2 came out on 23rd October 2020 while the first season came out in 2018. If we follow this equation, there is a chance that S3 will be out in 2024. However, no official dates have been declared.

Will there be S3?

S2 got an overwhelming response. It already started trending on Twitter within 3 hours of its release.

Fan directly asked Amazon Prime Video officials if the season will have renewals. Though they have not officially replied yet, we have only hope the huge fanbase will lead to them deciding on the next season as well.


Mirzapur S3: Major details!

Mirzapur is a sure hit among fans. Right now, there are a lot of theories lurking in the air about how the third season can continue its story.

It is a sure that Kaleen Bhaiya will make a come back, but fans are heartbroken about the Munna Bhaiya case.

Mirzapur S3: Will Munna Bhaiya return?

The major incident of Munna Bhaiya’s get shocked everyone. It became a highly discussed topic as it is evident that he is dead.

But fans have not given up yet, and are creating many fanmade theories as to how they have revive Munna Bhaiya back.

Indian series and shows are known for being their beloved characters back from the dead. But, let’s face it Mirzapur is real enough, and after showing Munna Bhaiya getting shot for three times in his chest and abdomen- I think chances of bringing him back are rare.

However, the actor has some interesting theories of his own where he has discussed in an interview that some kids have a condition where they have their hearts on the right side. instead of the left.

If such is the case, our fans might not be upset afterall!

Right now, this is all we have on the latest season of Mirzapur. We will update you as soon as we get our hands on some other juicy gossip. Till then stay tuned here, and read our other articles on Boruto, Dr. Stone, Haikyuu, and Jujutsu Kaisen.

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