Munna Bhaiya Return

After the completion of the second season, all fans are having one question in their mind. Will Munna Bhaiya return next Season or Munna Bhaiya is dead?. We will try to answer all of your questions here.

Mirzapur Second Season is a huge hit among many fans and fans started searching for Mirzapur Season 3. The death of Munna bhaiya is really shocking for fans, while many of fans want to see him return in the upcoming season.

Though there is no news about the third season yet. We can expect the announcement for the next season very soon. We can know for sure that Kaleen bhaiya is alive. But the most demanded character Munna Bhaiya and fans are asking for him, to bring him back for the show.

Return of Munna Bhaiya

While some fans want to start a petition to bring Munna Bhaiya back. Since Kaleen bhaiya will return alive, he will think about his son. But if he to be brought back fans want him alive and stronger than before.


Fan Theory to Bring Munna Bhaiya back for Mirzapur Season 3

After the death of Munna Bhaiya, the tenth episode in Mirzapur Season 2. All the social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter get flooded with a question regarding his return.

While many fans. started their theory on how to bring him back for Season 3. it is not new to bring someone back to TV or Indian cinema. After getting three shots in his chest and abdomen, it is a really hard task to twist the story to bring him back.

In a recent interview with Bollywood Hungama, Divyendu Sharma talks about a rare heart condition in which a child will have a heart on the right side instead of left. This condition is called Dextrocardia.

In the previous episode when Golu put the gun on the right middle portion of Munna’s chest. He moves the gun and sticks it to the left side of his chest. So, Munna should know that he will not get a shot in the heart and he will not die. But, during the interview, he is excited to share that even don’t know the condition of the character.

We can expect this as a high IQ move by the directors, to reveal this in Season 3 of Mirzapur and the return of Munna bhaiya in order to create a buzz to make it successful.

Will Munna Bhaiya Really Return?  

Even though, millions of fans want him to return. Personally, we don’t believe that he will be brought back even we have a theory to make it possible. People will die after taking shots, but there is no one go unconscious or go into a coma with their eyes open. Munna Bhaiya rests on stone slabs with his eyes open. While Kaleen Bhaiya escaped in a jeep.

We can never predict Indian producers and Directors thinking. So, let’s hope we will listen to positive news from Amazon Prime.

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