Monster: Jeffrey Dahmer Story An Upcoming Series on Netflix, Release Date

A piece of good news for all Ryan Murphy fans! A brand new series starring Ryan Murphy titled Monster is announced. He is portrayed as a serial killer in the series. This story of Jeffrey Dahmer and is based on a true story. The series features a serial killer named Jeffrey Dahmer, and he was also once featured in another serial killer series named Hotel. After looking at the story the series is expected to be a masterpiece. So this article is going to be all about Monster: Jeffrey Dahmer Story An Upcoming Series on Netflix.

This will a dark series and will be telling the story of how Jeffrey became a serial killer. He is also known by the name of Milwaukee Cannibal or Milwaukee Monster. He was a well American serial killer and sex offender. His killings included boys between 1978 and 1991 also his killings committed necrophilia, cannibalism, and the durable storage of body parts. In simple words all parts of the skeleton.

He also had a schizotypal personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, and also psychotic disorder. Jeff was legally sane at his trial. He had charges of more than 15 murders and was confined to the 16th term of life incarceration for an additional homicide committed in Ohio in 1978. Monster: Jeffrey Dahmer Story An Upcoming Series on Netflix


Jeffrey Dahmer’s Story

On  November 28, 1998, Dahmer was mauled to death by Christopher a fellow prisoner. The incident took place at Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin.  Some sources recommend that Dahmer was frequently doted upon as an infant and toddler by both progenitors. His mother was a greedy one and also very argumentative with her husband and also with neighbors.

Also about the personal life, his wife a melancholic who suffered from depression demanded constant attention. She always pulled herself into a state of anxiety over insignificant matters to earn attention from her husband. Since childhood he had felt the solidity of the family, recalling violent tension and numerous unwanted discussion between his parents during his childhood. Monster: Jeffrey Dahmer Story An Upcoming Series on Netflix

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Vigorous And Happy Kid

During his childhood, he had been a Vigorous and happy kid but after double hernia surgery before his fourth birthday, he became notably defeated. In school also he was observed as a quiet and timid child. A teacher detected early symptoms of abandonment in Dahmer. She tried to help him but was not able to do so. His friend circle was also very small since grade school.

Many movies are made on Jeffrey’s life, one of them is The Secret Life: Jeffrey Dahmer. The movie describes Dahmer’s lifestyle as a serial killer. When he got caught, it was revealed that his residence was like a chamber of horrors. There he tortured his youthful victims to death, then he sliced up the corpse and place them in the freezer.

Another movie made on him was titled My Friend Dahmer. The movie was released in the year 2017 and is an American biographical drama movie directed by Marc Meyers.

Monster Release Date

The critics have given their views on this and said that the movie is going to be a masterpiece. The filming of the series is expected to start by the second half of 2024. From this, we can say that the series will release on Netflix by 2024. I hope now you know everything about Monster: Jeffrey Dahmer Story An Upcoming Series on Netflix

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