My Hero Academia Chapter 302 reveals Release date, Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 302: At his young age, Enji Todoroki (Endeavor) met with the Himura family where Rei was conceived. Rei’s relatives are energized that they are meeting with the one who will turn into a No 1 Hero.

Enji Todoroki said that the Himura family is one of the high family’ status, and a man like him is fit to get hitched to a Homura lady. He likewise said that Rei knew everything, except she consented to be attached without prior warning of her family’s purpose.


Boku No My Hero Academia Chapter 301 Release Date

Chapter 302 Boku no my Hero Academia will hit on Sunday, 21 February 2024. After the new part’s delivery on Sunday, we will achieve further updates from My Hero Academia. Kindly read the most recent section updates of this Manga here: My Hero Academia Chapter 301. We should perceive how Dai intends to outperform All Might underneath.

Where to Read MHA Chapter 302?

Chapters of Boku no Hero Academia manga are available for free on Viz Media in English. We highly condemn the use of illegal streaming anime or reading manga website. A new chapter comes out every week. So, according to you- what is going to happen in Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 301?





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My Hero Academia 302 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks

Chapter 302 Spoiler Status: Spoilers, raw scans, summary, leaks not Released yet.

The marriage is a Quirk marriage, and he saw Rei taking a gander at the blossoms. Rei said she prefers how delightful the flowers are. Enji feels that Rei is a lady like ice herself, however she solid even though there is a chance of dissolving away with the slightest touch.

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Beforehand on Chapter 301, Recap

Dabi understands that his dad, Enji, will not bite the dust effectively from the battle, and it was his opportunity to uncover reality to the general population. Dabi is happy that he discovered everything when he found the chance, and he has been trusting that that will occur. He recalls when he advised his family to take a gander at him somewhere down in Hell.

My Hero Academia Chapter 302: Peculiarity Society

Enjoy, and Rei visit the medical clinic to enquire about their child’s ailment. The specialist uncovers that Toya has a considerable force type of his dad’s Quirk. He likewise has his mom’s condition that can make it in chilly temperature, not hot weather. The specialist said that the technique for custom youngsters could acquire calamity Quirk-based society.


In a little while, Toya met with Fuyumi and uncovered that he could withstand any consumption he endured. He thinks he knows his body well than anybody. Fumiya answers that she doesn’t care for it when Toya is harmed. Toya said she could never comprehend because she is a young lady.

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