Deku is back to save the day again. Regardless of him being in hiding and brutally injured, he still can’t stand to see his friends beaten to death. Deku meets Shindo who for some reason looks exactly like a grown-up version of Midoriya. Just when Shindo was struggling against Muscular, Deku intervenes and saves Shindo. Now, the unfinished fight continues. In this article we will update you on My Hero Academia Chapter 308 Release Date, Deku VS Muscular, Deja vu all over again!!

My Hero Academia Chapter 308 Release Date Confirmed!!

my hero academia chapter 308

My Hero Academia Chapter 308 Release Date is confirmed to be April 4th, 2021. There is not going to be any break whatsoever next week. Fans can enjoy the fight between Muscular and Deku all over again without any delay. Deku now has additional powers to guide him, but, his body is in no shape to take a huge blow like his previous encounters.

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MHA Chapter 308 – Spoilers and Speculations

Next week’s chapter is going to be lit. We are definitely in for a bumpy ride but it’s going to be worth it. Deku’s new power is finally going to be showcased in the right light. Fan’s across the globe have different specualtions as to how the next chapter will unfold, but I guess we will have to wait for MHA Chapter 308 to release next week to confirm them.

Read My Hero Academia Chapter 308 Online!

All the latest chapters including My Hero Academia Chapter 308 can be found on Viz Media. This is literally the best platform to read all the latest manga chapters online for free. This site supports the staff and creators of all our favorite manga. We highly condemn the use of unofficial and illegal manga reading platforms. A new chapter is expected to release every week as it is a weekly shonen jump manga.