The Crawler feels helpless as he can’t ask the police nor the Hero’s association for help. But things seem to take a turn when Ingenium is adamant about helping the Crawler. Also, in the end, we see Eraser Head emerge from darkness in the most cinematic way possible. What’s Eraser Head’s motive? Will The Crawler emerge successful without the help of others? I guess we will have to wait and find out. Today’s blog will comprise of My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 98 Release Date, Eraser Head is Here!!

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 98 Release Date

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 98 Release Date is confirmed to be March 28th, 2021. After reading the past few chapters, one thing is for sure. We are in for a ride filled with drama and top-notch action scenes that will keep us at the edge of our seats. A lot of cameos are expected from the top heroes in the upcoming chapters of the manga as well. So make sure to stay tuned to k ow more about all the updates regarding My Hero Academia Vigilantes.

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About Manga

Koichi Haimawari is a college student and aspires to be a hero. But his quirk known as Sliding isn’t very useful and cannot be compared to the powers of those whom the society calls heroes. One day Kouichi is saved by a vigilante and joins their group to take down the bad guy in the shadows. They don’t need a license to do good, they use their mediocre powers to prevent the bad guys from reaching the surface.

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