Getting to level 99 in fishing isn’t precisely the quickest way to do it, yet it represents a skill that may be accomplished mostly via AFK gaming, depending on the approach you decide to use. In this Old School RuneScape Fishing Guide, we are going to summarize the quickest method to get level 99 in fishing, as well as several slower but more lucrative ways to get there.

If there were ever a talent that could get you to level 99 quickly in Old School Runescape, it would be fishing. Although the path to obtaining your skill cape may not be the most exciting, it is, in fact, one of the easiest abilities to learn, and it’s a lot of fun to talk to other players about it as you go. But which path should we use to achieve our goals?

Lobsters and swordfish, or maybe some trout and salmon? Without further ado, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of all of the most useful fishing strategies and techniques for reaching level 99.

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How Can You Begin?


For the initial 20 levels, you just use a little net to gather shrimp, so there are no tough choices to make. Your experience gain per hour will increase very little when you start catching anchovies at age 15, and your gold per hour gain will increase dramatically if you decide to bank what you catch. The decision here rests solely with you. Anchovies are a good investment if you want to become rich. Players with a high Cooking skill may use them to produce anchovy pizzas, for which they will pay a hefty price.

After the count of 20, go to the Grand Exchange to purchase a rod for fishing, bait, and feathers, and then head west till you reach the Barbarian Village. The most popular spot for catching trout is on the west bank, immediately north of the bridge.

Staying here forever and catching fish would allow you to level up to 99 the quickest. The problem is that it’s dull; therefore, it seldom works in practice. It also calls for a large investment in feathers as well as bait, which may be beyond reach for many newer or lower-level players.

Members get access to Barbarian Fishing, which not only provides Fishing instruction but also training in other abilities. Depending on your preferred approach, that’s either Cooking or Strength. You can only get access to this technique by tracking down Otto Godblessed in Baxtorian Falls and having a chat with him.

Next Levels


When they reach level 40, the majority of players trek to Karamja in search of lobster. You can’t utilize the pay-fare for transportation until you finish the Pirate’s Treasure quest. It’s not hard at all, and it’s a nice change of pace from the usual fishing routine.

If you want to bank this far more lucrative catch, you should maintain a hoard of gold with you so you can pay the tolls. After all, you need to go from your location in Karamja to a bank, and you’ll be using the pay-fare system to do so. Musa Point is the name of the docking place, which is down the way from the general shop.

If you invest in a harpoon, you may continue dealing with lobsters in a manner fairly similar to what you have been doing up to this point. We strongly suggest dumping your tuna in favor of banking the swordfish, which will allow you to begin capturing them right away. If you are dual-training your culinary talent, you have two options: you may hold on to both of them and power cook everything, or you can bring your preferred Firemaking equipment with you and cook them there, dropping the burned fish afterward.

No matter what you choose to do, you will not discover a much better technique for free-to-play gamers anywhere else. If you find yourself becoming really bored with this activity, you can always move over to power-fishing for trout. Personally, every day that I played, I would go between Karamja and the other region since I found that staying in one region made things seem stale, and I was sick of seeing numerous bots in Karamja. You get to decide what to do!