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The longest-running manga in the world and also one of the most successful manga or anime series Once Piece, released a new chapter every weekend. Over late weeks, we have seen the zenith of the assault at Onigashima, finishing the last section with the fall of Big Mom. Anyway, what date and time will the One Piece Chapter 1010 release date, and have any spoilers begun to release on the web?


One Piece Chapter 1010 spoilers

The latest chapter is named Haoshoku. As per One Piece part 1010 spoilers on Reddit, the scene will be a continuation of the battle between the Supernova and the Yonkos which will occur on top of the Skull Dome. Zoro has a Haoshuku or Conqueror’s Haki. The Roronoa additionally joins the positions of the amazing privateers. This incorporates a couple of names like Gol D. Roger, Kozuki Oden, Shanks, Luffy, Charlotte Katakuri, Kaidou, Silvers Rayleigh, Whitebeard, Kidd, and Portgas D. Pro.

As per the One Piece 1010 forecast, the scene starts with the fall of the enormous mother. The Supernova moves rapidly after Kaidou attempts to free Prometheus. They do this to save Charlotte Linlin. Nonetheless, Kaidou assaults Zoro and liberates Prometheus. Pandora, the Sun homie saves Big Mom and poses her an inquiry. Zoro takes a choice and illuminates the law that he will assault Kaidou with every one of his endeavors.

Roronoa says that if the whole arrangement goes poorly, the Law should take off the whole fight. Kaidou and Zor have a discussion about the battle. Not long after that the Straw Hats’ fighter utilizes his Asura assault and attempts to hit the Yonko. Zoro’s assault uncovers that he has a few abilities like his tradition. Kaidou appears shook with his abilities and asks his fighters to affirm something similar. He at that point begins feeling that the fight will leave him with a scar. The Swordman’s assault prompts the fall of the Yonko.

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Luffy’s New Haki

Upcoming One Piece chapter 1010 will reveal Luffy’s new Haki. Haki and Devil Fruits control the force framework in One Piece. Demon Fruits with their uniqueness and innovativeness and Haki with its sorts and movement. This section zeros in a great deal on the Haki of characters, which gives them an additional edge in the battles.

This chapter is unquestionably going to be one that poses plenty of inquiries. It’s anything but an uncover parts and following it there will be a great deal of conversation and a ton of discussions. check out this video for Luffy’s new Haki.

A quick recap of chapter 1010

Let’s have a quick recap of chapter 1009 before One piece chapter 1010. The Straw Hats Pirates shows up on the shading spread playing in the snow with Otama, Komachiyo, and Bunbuku Orochi’s fire spread inside the Onigashima’s palace. The Red Scabbards ran over Orochi and Fukurokuju on their way. Fukurokuju tells Orochi that they all actually feel that he is dead. So he needs to deal with the sheaths without anyone else.

Since the palace is loaded up with foes, Orochi can’t get away. In addition, the sheaths are vigorously harmed, and Orochi figures he can take them on. At that point, he ridicules the casings about Kanjuro and says that since Kyoshiro tricked him, at that point makes them even. Orochi changes into his mythical beast structure and assaults.

The Red Scabbards at that point assault the entirety of Orochi’s heads and this scene shows up in an epic twofold spread. Kinemon reveals to him that they have no ideal opportunity to squander with him (inferring that Orochi isn’t dead yet). At that point, they progress forward while Raizou remains behind to confront Fukurokuju. Raizou discloses to Fukurokuju that he has misinterpreted him. He didn’t anticipate that Fukurokuju should battle for Orochi as far as possible. Yet, Fukurokuju accepts that it is destiny that they should battle each other once more.

Back on Onigashima’s housetop, Kid asks Law for what valid reason he couldn’t simply ship one of Younkou somewhere else. Law answers that he would have done that sometime in the past in the event that he could. Yet, their Haki is excessively solid, and he can’t move them anyplace.

Release Date of Chapter 1010 

One-piece chapter 1010 will be released on the upcoming Sunday on April 11, 2024. You can watch your favorite chapter of one piece on the official website of VIZ for better quality and content.

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