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Attack on titan

Ruling over millions of heart Attacks on Titan made a different spot and a unique bond with the family of animes lover.  Attack on Titan is going to premiere its last chapter, many have confusion that is there will be a next chapter of the series or will it be the last and final of the Attack on titan chapter. In this article, we will discuss “will there be an attack on titan”.


Attack on Titan Chapter 140 is releasing or not?

All those AOT lovers out there who were waiting for the new attack on the titan chapter 140, have to kill all their fantasies for chapter 140. As indicated by MANTANWEB, the last portion will be included in the May issue of Kodansha’s Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine on April 9 which is chapter 139 which will be the last chapter sadly. “I said eight years ago that it will be over in three years, but it seems that I can finally finish it,” series creator Hajime Isayama said. “It’s been a long time, but I hope you can keep up with me until the end. It wasn’t stretched by the editorial department, but rather it was my later years when I was urged to say ‘when will it end?’ I’m sorry, it’s finally over. I will.”

Attack on titan
Attack on titan

As it is officially announced that chapter 139 will be the final chapter of the series. After this chapter, it will be available as just a simple manga, not the running ones. “Hajime Isamaya” confirmed this on March 30, 2024. When he tweeted on Twitter and mentioned “I have submitted it, From now on, Attack on Titan is a series I hope as many people as possible will read, so thank you” in his tweet. also confirmed the same news through their report.

Fans were not accepting that their favorite manga series will end this month. Attack on Titan also known as Shingeki no Kyojin made its presentation for perusers in September 2009 and has gotten fiercely well known for thousands across the world. Fans are looking out for the arrival of the following part of the dystopian realistic novel composed by Haime Isayama.

This will be the finish of the manga which was a fan top pick for a very long time. Volume 34 which holds part 139, will be Attack on Titans last section. Fans expect to say a sad farewell to the novel arrangement.

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Where to read Attack on titan?

Well, there will no Attack on titan chapter 140 coming as this series going to end on chapter 139. You can visit VIZ to read all the Attack on Titan series. And also you will get the latest chapter updates for your favorite manga on VIZ.

Overview of Attack on Titan, End of Shingeki no Kyojin

For those fans who are planning to read Attack on Titan after the end of the series. Here’s the overview of the whole AttacK on Titan series excluding the attack on titan chapter 140, because there will be only 139 chapters for the series.

The story based on the primary hero Eren Yeager. He needs to execute the entirety of the titans as they annihilated his town and murdered his mom. Eren lives in a town named “Shiganshina” which is situated on the edge of Wall Maria. These dividers were shielding humankind from titans. One day Wall Maria penetrated by two titans Colossal titan and Armored titan. In this assault, Eren’s mom got eaten by a titan and he can’t effectively save her and saw her demise. He needs to run for his existence with Mikasa and Arwin.

Afterward, Eren joins the Special Operations Squad to wipe out every one of the titans from their reality. At the point when he first experiences titans, Eren discovers that he can change into a monstrous titan. Afterward, he becomes more acquainted with that his dad infused him with a titan serum that set off a titan change.

Yet, when Eren discovers that these titans were only a lot of troopers who get requested by humans to dispose of them. Furthermore, the genuine foe lives on the opposite side of the ocean. This started another curve for Eren’s existence with various thought processes.

Attack on titan
Attack on titan

Here’s the titan history from the very first titan. Ymir Fritz was a goddess who had the force of the titans. She did beneficial things with her force and aided individuals. Ymir kicked the bucket and her force gave it to 9 human youngsters. They became titan shifters.

1.The Founding Titan

2.The Beast Titan

3.The Armored titan

4.The Colossal titan

5.The Jaw titan

6.The Cartman titan

7.The Female Titan

8.The Attack Titan

9.The Warhammer Titan

These 9 titans toppled the Empire called “Marley”, set up their standard and the Empire got known as “Eldia”, and the capital was moved to a close-by island called Paradis. Their standard proceeded for a long time, where Marley was under the standard of Eldia. Notwithstanding, the Marley couldn’t acknowledge the Eldian rule and chose to take up arms against the titans. This prompted a great deal of gore and oppression of the Eldian public.

At that point unexpectedly, the establishing titan (the most remarkable one who could handle the wide range of various thoughtless titans), who was likewise the 145th Fritz ruler, chosen to forsake the conflict and moved to the Capital (Paradis Island) and kept himself there, vowing to avoid the conflict. He requested a huge number of titans to arrange and solidify their skins to fabricate dividers around the island. He undermined Marley to not meddle with his kin there, and on the off chance that they did, the divider titans would walk the Earth level.