One Punch Man Chapter 141 Release Date with Updates
One Punch Man Chapter 141 Release Date with Updates

Fans are waiting and got confused for the One Punch Man Chapter 141. Because this new chapter is not set the release date yet. While all other manga series are fixing their date for release every week. But, One Punch Man is not following any regular schedule it seems.

This manga is a beautiful and thrilling masterpiece written by ONE and illustrated by Yusuke Murata, One Punch Man is testing the patience of the viewers with almost a month-long gap.

Release of One Punch Man and manga making things even worse in parallel. While it is in the hands of Yusuke Murata about completion of this One Punch Man Chapter 141 and submit for publication. Here we will discuss the latest info that we have from Yusuke Murata on this manga.

One Punch Man Chapter 141


One Punch Man Chapter 141 Release Date 

We can assume that this One Punch Man Chapter gonna released on April 1st, keeping the previous two chapters in mind. Again there is an irregularity between the release date of two chapters in this manga and Murata drops the latest OPM issues randomly.

So far, we have the news that whenever he completes the chapter he will soon release that on Twitter. We can conclude that unless someone glimpses the post of him, till then the release date is unknown.

One Punch Man Chapter 141 Leaks and Spoilers

As soon as the raw scans available on the internet we will get the leaks and spoilers. We suggest being patient and read the manga from the official website legally. These new One Punch Man Chapter 141 theories are predicting that King will find S-Class Heroes and encounter Monster Garou. The king is also pretending to be weakling

Here are some of the official sources where you can read this manga Viz mediaShonen Jump. Before watching the latest episode also know what happened in the previous episode. Because there is no regularity in the release date.

One Punch Man Chapter 141

Recap of the Previous Chapter 

All the viewers know that previous one titled “Stones and Diamonds“. Metal Bat, after the fight against Garou, makes an incredible revival. He encounters King and Tareo who were trying to get away from the place, where Monster Citadel stands. Then they come across the medic van which is covered by camouflage and found the three heroes and they found who is protecting Waganma Kun.

Unfortunately, Sekingar lost his arm during the fight and is forced to make a retreat. After relighting the fire within the heroes by explaining that stones and diamonds are extremely valuable. It also depends on the eyes of the person who is holding that King and Metal Bat heads out to ground zero. They adopted yet primitive and more creative means of transport, a slingshot fashioned by tire tube.

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