Ongoing Kdramas To Watch In 2024

The pandemic along with the constant lockdowns has worn us all out. Despite this, there are a few things worth smiling for! In this post, we’ve included the rundown of Ongoing Kdramas to watch in 2024.  This includes Kdramas especially since this time we are packed with Kdramas of different genres. From historical to fantasy-based to Romantic tales, there is something for all. Listed below are a few suggestions from us to keep you hooked.



Release Date: Dec 20, 2024 – Feb 22, 2024

Total No of Episodes: 16

Moonshine comes in the list of best Ongoing Kdramas To Watch In 2024. In the late Joseon era, there marked a period with the strict prohibition of alcohol. Not only was nobody allowed to have it, no one could make it. If there were still people making alcohol they would be liable to criminal punishment.

By the sound of it, this Kdrama should be extremely serious! Instead, this Kdrama is a mix of comedy & serious moments. In a country where consuming alcohol is as popular as in Korea, prohibition on it created many problems.

For our heroine, Kang Ro Seo making moonshine, which is a kind of alcohol was her lifeline. It was the only way to pay of her debt but what now? She has a brother and ailing mother to look after so, of course, she couldn’t stop! But then comes in Inspector Nam Young , who came to Hanyang to bring back the fame of his family. To do so he must catch criminals and Kang just happens to fall in that category.

An accident brings not just these 2 but also Crown prince Lee Pyo to the hidden alcohol. If this is to be revealed, Kang’s death is affirmative! But what if they find another way to keep everything under wraps?

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls

Release Date: Dec 18, 2024 – Feb 6, 2024

Total No of Episodes: 16

This ongoing kdrama is a fantasy that revolves around two characters. One being a woman who has had several reincarnations over 600 years and remembers all of her past lives. While the second is a man who has lived for the same period of time but as a bulgasal—a mythical creature that feeds off human blood and is cursed with immortality.

The man Dan Hwal used to be human before turning into a bulgasal during the Joseon dynasty. He was working as a military official and while completing a mission met with an unfortunate accident starting the curse of immortality.


Even before turning into a bulgasal Dan had led a very painful life. He was an outcast because he was considered to be cursed. Now that the curse had taken effect he can only return to his human self if he kills the woman who was responsible for this change.

This ongoing kdrama has veterans and despite having a somewhat angsty plot makes it worthwhile. The twists and revelations have been done really well so you will be invested throughout the tale. This series deserves to be on the list of Ongoing Kdramas To Watch In 2024.

Rookie Cops

Release Date: Jan 26, 2024 – Mar 16, 2024

Total No of Episodes: 16

This ongoing kdrama brings humor into the normally serious and dark police stories. We follow the journey of freshers entering Korea’s prestigious Korean National Police University.  We meet Wi Seung Hyun, who decides to join the Korean National Police because he admires his father, who is the commissioner of the Gyeonggi Dongbu Police Agency.

He is a good-natured and righteous kid who prefers to follow rules but then he comes across another fresher named Go Eun Gang. On the other hand, she will not follow anything she does not agree with. Not adept in reading the room, Go causes a lot of controversies. From not submitting to her seniors to questioning their decisions, she’s vocal about whatever doesn’t sit right.

This causes many other issues since the university is extremely conservative. But she along with the other freshers bring about a new revolution of change. This ongoing kdrama shows us the story of young adults making their way through college life in their own unapologetic ways. The youth of Korea and how they grow alongside their dreams, love, and difficulties at a police university.

This is a heartwarming ongoing Kdrama with much to enjoy. It is a simple story of young adults learning to navigate through life. Making mistakes, maturing up and accepting those mistakes and trying to improve themselves. Definitely worth checking out.


Release Date: Jan 7, 2024 – Jan 28, 2024

Total No of Episodes:16

This ongoing kdrama is a fast-paced and thrilling revenge drama set in the Seoul Regional Office’s Tax Division. The usual corruption and illegal actions by government officials is there but they are unaware of the hound hunting for them.

In Tae Joon, now the Commissioner has done many corrupt and deeds, all the while maintaining his cocky attitude. These actions have led to him reaching his desired post and gaining many favors. But is he ready to save himself from his enemies?


Hwang Dong Joo, the newly-appointed team manager for the Investigation Bureau, is handsome but has a sharp tongue. His methods are unconventional but it’s obvious he gets the work done. He has ulterior motives but can the others realize that.

This ongoing kdrama will definitely involve a lot of mind games and cat & mouse chases but only time will tell who’s the final winner. Check out this ongoing Kdrama 2024 for its stellar cast and interesting themes.

The Ghost Doctor (Total Episodes-16)

Release Date: Jan 7, 2024 – Jan 28, 202

Total No of Episodes:16

Cha Young Min is a genius doctor, with excellent surgical skills but he’s arrogant and thus disliked by many. Involvement in an unexpected case leads his spirit to possess another doctor’s body, namely Seong Tak. These two doctors are polar opposites, with opposite personalities and practical medical abilities and prior to the accident, these two didn’t even gel well.

This ongoing Kdrama has ample comedic moments mixed with personal vendetta and corruption in the hospital.  Our two doctors despite their completely different attitudes have one thing in common, naiveness.

Only after becoming a ghost does Young see the mess around him, while Tak is slightly aware of the ill intentions around him he isn’t capable to handle them alone. So will these 2 lads join hands and stop the wrongdoers?

Will justice be brought easily or will it cost a life? This Kdrama will take away all your blues with the dashing Rain doing a splendid job in his role, same is to be said for his co-star and can anything be better than medical stuff+with comedy and drama! Personally, I think not so what are you waiting for, check this ongoing Kdrama out immediately.

That’s all for the list of best ongoing drama 2024. Do share this article with your friends who watch Kdrama.