The year 2024 started with a bang, animes like Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen, Dr. Stone which started this year with their new seasons. And black clover, Boruto, One-piece which are currently on their new arcs. All this has created hype among anime watchers.

Well but this is just the start, we will keep you updated with many such new anime/ adaptations to come. So let’s start without any delay and dive into the world of anime. Today we are going to talk about Peach Boy Riverside anime adaptation which was announced on 08/07/2020. on their official website.

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Peach Boy Riverside Is an upcoming anime, the adaptation of the manga of the same name. Peach Boy Riverside will premiere in July, summer 2024. While the date of release is not set, But don’t worry this article will be updated as soon as there is news regarding Peach Boy Riverside. So you won’t miss out on any news.


Peach Boy Riverside: Plot

The Kingdom of Aldarake is a kingdom behind high and well-built walls. The people live in fear of monsters, who roam around the outskirts of the kingdom. The princess of this kingdom, Sarutorine Aldike or better know as Sari, is very cheerful and full of joy with a dangerous dream. The dream to travel around the world. Sari sets her mind to take off on a journey when their kingdom is attacked by a hoard of demons known as “Oni”.

But Kibitsu Mikoto saves them, a lone traveler, and a demon slayer using his peach eye. Experiencing all this, Sari decides to learn more about the outside world. This is the journey of Sari, who Follows a mysterious, fascinating, and fearsome Mikoto in the land of the unknown which will start somethings that will affect the fate of the magical world.

Release date and Info:

Peach Boy Riverside is an action-adventure fantasy anime. the anime is set to premiere in July 2024. Shigeru Ueda is directing the anime with Asahi Productions. Keiichiro Och is a scriptwriter for anime. Want to know more about the characters and anime then visit their official website: PeachBoyRiverside

Peach Boy Riverside
Official Animation Celebration from the creators

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