Penthouse 2 ended! Penthouse Season 3 announced? Release Date

Woah! Penthouse season 2 ended already. It was a season full of suspense, thrill, murders, and a lot of revelation and a lot of revenge and whatnot. Penthouse 2 episode 13 just aired on 2nd April 2024, and it will make you feel so good if you were waiting for Ju Dan Tae to get behind bars and confess all his misdeeds. We were just getting out of the phase where we all were engrossed in murder mysteries and just then they announced that there will be a Penthouse season 3. I think the creators of Penthouse are not ready to take a break from work and they are determined to give us quality k-dramas for us as they should.


The release date of Penthouse season 3

Well, we will have to wait for this piece of information to get announced. The official release date is not announced till now. Judging from the previous release timeline of season 2 and season 1, they were only 1 month apart. Hoping that they are continuing with the shooting we will not have to wait long. I think our wait would be a month or two long.

Penthouse season 3

Where can I watch penthouse season 3?

The official release will be on SBS tv as always but you can also watch it on Viki for free, but you will have to be patient as it will be available after few days.

Also read and match the spoilers of Penthouse 2 episode 13.

Recap of Penthouse 2 episode 13

Remember when we were made to think that Oh Yoon Ni is going to jump off a bridge, we were fooled, instead she choose the legal way and turned herself in for Min Seol A’s murder. Oh, and she did not go alone, she took everyone down who was involved in it.

Bae Ro Na’s is brought to meet her mother by she refused as she cannot face her daughter when she is in jail. Yoon Hi also asked a favor from Su Ryeon to present herself as a witness of her pushing Seol A from the elevator as there no other way she can prove she did that. Su Ryeon informs Ju Dan Tae that he actually killed Na Ae Gyo and that she was just using him for his money. Dan Tae cries bitterly once he realized what he did and what betrayal from loved ones feels like.

Penthouse 2 episode 13

Eun Byeol is confronted by Ro Na about her attempted murder and made her disappear into thin air with Ms Jun. We also witness amazing shots of ruined offices of all those corrupted people. All the people involved in Min Seol A’s murder were trapped in the violation of the housing act and were presented in court. Oh Yoon Ni submitted a video of all of them confessing their deeds and exposing each other. Dr Han confirmed that all the video was true and he saw everyone fabricating and destroying evidence and made it look like a suicide.

Everyone was sentenced to jail as per the charges enforced on them and Ju Dan Tae was sentenced to life imprisonment. Finally! Penthouse is owned by Shim Su Ryeon now and the twins decide to legally make her their only parent and cut all ties from their father, Seok Kyung also tells Seo Jin that she knows that she killed Eun Byeol’s grandfather.

Penthouse 2 ep 13

The ending was very rough as what we were expecting was a proposal from Logan Lee to Su Ryeon but what we get is Jenny’s father returning from Dubai and Ju Dan Tae’s secretary escorted him. We see Logan Lee’s car burning to ashes because of a bomb blast planned by Ju Dan Tae. Oh My God! he is still working from jail.

Predictions of Penthouse Season 3

penthouse 2 ep 13- court

Does Logan Lee die? Jenny’s father might be a villain in disguise who is working for/with Ju Dan Tae. We know that there will be a time leap for sure because some of the defendants were sentenced to 1.5 years of jail and Oo Yoon Hee’s might get out of jail after completing her 3 years in jail. Jenny will come after Ro Na as she thinks it was her mother who sends her mother to jail. We already know it whatever happens it will be interesting and awesome. Thanks for reading Penthouse 2 ended! Penthouse Season 3 announced? Release Date.