PokemonGo Hacks & Tricks

PokemonGo is a very popular game, spotting in the play store with more than 100M users actively playing the game. While many users are facing problems in your location movement which makes them in restricting to catch few pokemon.

Since there are very few pokestops in India as compared to other countries. Also, there are not plenty of active users in India.

You can find hacks & tips for the game easily, as there are ample people who always trying to hack the game in other words (Location Hack) which helps gamers to move to any location they wanted.

There are thousands of discord servers as well for the game, which helps the members to interact with each other for a helping hand when they want. Earlier this PGsharp site used to provide the license key for the users with help of a Gmail Account.


How to use this Hack Tool in PokemonGo & Get What you Want.

PoGo Application


First, go to the website then download the PokemonGo app & keep the app (Don’t install). Then you will see a free version on the homepage of their site, which can be accessed every 5mins.

Free Version

So you have to count on time to get started, then you will be redirected to a page, where you need to fill in all the details whether they might be real or fake. But keep in mind that you have to give a working Gmail account (the rest is dust).

You need to complete the captcha & press submit button on the 5-minute multiple(Else it won’t work). Setup the password as well, keep the password in mind. Then a confirmation mail will come to your Gmail account.

Click on the link on Gmail, log in using the username & password to log in. There you will find the key (Copy the key) and now install the application downloaded from their website, which will override or install over the normal PokemonGo app.

If you are a new player then create an account using either Facebook or other ways which will show on the screen or tap as returning player, which will get you to a login screen for entering your details. There you have to enter your login & password.

You will be logged in successfully after completing them. Then on the game, there will be one star which has plenty of options like (Map, settings, speed, Autowalk, Feeds, Favorites).

There will be a controller as well which allows you to move like a joystick. You can find powerful pokemon or teleport using the map to any location wherever you want.


They are maintaining a new server & a free key without any verification comes along with the application itself, all you need to do is simply install the app and enjoy playing with new features.

But have a look on the website, frequently to install the latest application of the PokemonGo which comes as patched to fix bugs and for better gameplay. Here we are sharing the best discord servers for the game.

Pokemon Go Discord

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