Power of Numbers
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The study of numerology believes to impact your life in plenty of ways by helping you choose the best career and best life partner. Read to know more!

For hundreds of years, people have been using numerology as a guide to predict their future and learn about their strengths, weaknesses, lucky numbers, etc. The earliest traces of numerology are found in an ancient Babylonian civilization where it was used by people to predict futures. However, in China, people used, and still use it, to know about lucky numbers or dates for important events like weddings.

What is the power of numerology? Can it really impact your life? If so, how? Before diving into answers to these questions, let’s have a quick introduction to numerology!


Numerology – The power of numbers

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Numerology was not only used for divination and fortune-telling but was also seen as a way to foster more meaningful connections between people. By understanding the mystical properties of numbers, individuals could gain insights into their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of their loved ones. With this knowledge, they could work to create a more harmonious and lovely relationship with their partners, family members, and friends. This is why numerology has remained a popular practice throughout history, as it provides a powerful tool for enhancing the quality of our personal connections.

As we all know, everything in this world is connected, so by using the power of numbers, we can know about the hidden meanings behind a message, a word, or a phrase. For example, if you saw something in your dream (a short message or a codeword), numerologists can help you decode its meaning and what the universe is trying to tell you. In this study, a specific meaning and letter are assigned to each number. For example, number 1 is used for letters A, J, and S. Likewise, number 2 is used for letters B, K, T, and so on.

Similarly, every number has a different meaning. For example, number 1 symbolizes self-sufficiency, independence, and spirited nature whereas number 2 represents a tender and patient personality. In other words, numerology is nothing but the study of the mystical relationship between letters, words, and patterns.

How can numerology impact your life?

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Even though the study of numerology can impact all areas of your life, some major ones are as follows;

1. Help you choose the best career

One of the most crucial yet difficult decisions one has to make in his life is about choosing a career. However, by using numerology and finding out about your life path number, you can successfully select a career that is most compatible with your personality.

Every life path number is better suited for a specific career whereas completely unsuitable for others. For example, the number 8 symbolizes exceptional written and communication skills so anyone with an 8 life path number will perform best in electronic and print media.

2. Help in choosing the best partner

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Many people consider themselves super unlucky when it comes to relationships. However, numerology can help you find the best life partner by learning about other people’s traits and personalities. For example, you can compare the life path number of you and your potential partner to figure out whether you both have the same philosophies and outlook on life or not.

For example, people with life path number 4 can’t be in a relationship with people with life path number 3 since the former strives for unpredictability whereas the latter prefers stable and grounded relationships.