Playing a game is among the finest forms of entertainment, and playing online raises the bar even further. As a result, playing video games with pals, coworkers, or random people has gained popularity. The disadvantages, though, might be as little as a sluggish mobile phone that keeps you awake during the night.

Although playing video games online might occasionally assist you with melancholy and alleviate mental tension. However, sluggish Internet gaming might sometimes make people feel more stressed. Moreover, once the game is played online, the experience worsens since your phone lags.


Why Is My Phone So Slow When Playing Games?

You can list many causes for your mobile phone’s slowness in one sentence. However, occasionally the reasons may be as trivial as a sluggish Internet connection, and you must take action in those cases. So let’s look at the fundamental causes first to determine the solution:

  • inadequate or slow online connection
  • your device doesn’t exactly support the game’s visuals
  • gaming server congestion problem
  • data saturation on a mobile device

A poor network connection may frequently cause your smartphone to lag while engaging in online games. Issues like a game not working on your phone or an overcrowded network may be easily fixed. However, sluggish gaming connectivity is a problem attached to the web.

To continually transmit and receive packets of data when playing online games, you need a good Internet connection. And any break in that back-and-forth might transform your joy for the game into annoyance.

An Issue With The Overloaded Server

With a COVID-19 shutdown provided the increasingly popular Internet gaming the push it required. However, customers started needing help due to a high user volume or poor servers. The system was too weak to support many customers or highly intensive data transfer connections.

Switching to Internet gaming platforms is one remedy for congested servers. They constantly give it their all and go above and beyond to ensure that their systems are top-notch, with the capacity to handle many players.

Overflowing Mobile Data

We are all aware of how annoying it may be if our cherished phone operates more slowly than it initially did. The list of causes is as broad as your imagination, but overflowing storage space is the most frequent.

The standard programs on your mobile phone may occasionally slow if it is overloaded with images, movies, music, and other items. In addition, you may have more installed apps than your device’s RAM can handle.

Therefore, the mobile phone begins to function slowly due to these access applications or data, ruining the entire experience. Hence, it’s time to clean up more memory on your device with an iPhone cleaner app. There are many features like organizing files, photos, videos, and contacts, merging them, and getting rid of useless data.

Game Connection Problem

The issue must be resolved immediately because it is among the most frequent ones contributing to phone slowdown difficulties. Unfortunately, we need assistance from other sources since there is little we could do to improve the situation.

How To Fix A Slow, Laggy Phone?

Perform a Quick Reset First

A reboot is typically the first step in fixing an electrical device issue. So the more applications you use on the smartphone, the more program code is loaded into the RAM, which is nothing magical. Code fragments within the same application are dispersed throughout the memory as it gets full. When you reboot, your RAM is thoroughly cleaned, like some dust particles.

iPhone: Clamp the Menu and Control buttons simultaneously until the device turns off. Press and hold these keys even if the panel goes black till the Logo appears on the device. When that occurs, you may let off the keys, and the main screen should appear on the smartphone.

Android: To change the battery from an Android smartphone with a detachable back, take it out and afterward replace it. Press and hold the volume and power keys simultaneously on Android smartphones with non-removable batteries, and don’t let go until the boot-up logo shows up on display.

Don’t Keep the Resolution

While enjoying the phone application with outstanding graphics functioning reasonably well, you start noticing odd stuttering. For example, you notice a broad judder on display but are still trying to identify the cause.

This is likely due to the dramatic FPS shifting and incorrect frame timing. It lowers the device’s quality. The majority of the most recent gadgets have 1440p / 4K resolutions.

The smartphone will need more capacity to maintain the most recent games, the greater the resolution. By lowering the quality of your smartphone, you may get a better frame rate without having to send as many bits through your phone.

Refresh the Game

It takes a lot of effort to maintain modern games efficiently and malware on various devices due to their high level of sophistication. As a result, developers typically release patches to address optimization problems and eliminate bugs that might cause slowness.

The most straightforward approach to ensure you get the most recent version from the programmer and won’t experience any optimization problems is updating the application. Of course, it isn’t much you have to do to optimize a game because not all titles will work well on any particular device; however, upgrading the game could at least fix some problems.

Deactivate Power Saving Function

Many smartphones include energy saver modes that restrict CPU activity and generally lower computing power to prolong battery life. But when it refers to engaging in video games that need a significant amount of computing power, this could be a problem.


Among the most common forms of fun is playing video games, but it can also be challenging. The wonderful experience you had in mind might be ruined by slow and poor Internet access, a busy server, or compliance problems. Therefore, make every effort to reduce issues to a minimum such that you will not slow down during gameplay.

Questioning yourself, “how is my cell phone so slow?” all the time. Everyone occasionally has a sluggish phone, but if you perform a soft restart, check the condition of your batteries, and clear up some space, you’ll soon return to the track. If these easy remedies fail, it could be time to buy a new smartphone.