From the sizzling chemistry, heart tingling romance and undeniably steamy scenes Kdrama couples have won hearts all around the world. Many wish for the same on-screen couple to exist in real life too! So imagine the joy in finding out that there are in fact quite a few Kdrama couples who turned into real couples! Here are a few Kdrama couples who got married in real life.


Hyun-Bin And Son Ye-Jin (Crash Landing On You)

The most talked-about romance of 2020, Crash Landing On You became a real-life romance with the leads confirming their relationship in 2024. The dashing Lead couple played by Hyun-Bin & Son Ye-Jin was adored for their amazing chemistry.


And fans couldn’t be happier now that they have announced that they will be tying the knot in March 2024. Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin collaborated for the first time in ‘Negotiation’, a 2018 thriller movie. They spent a lot of their time together for the film promotion and even celebrated Hyun Bin’s birthday.

Fans were ecstatic to hear that the two had positive feelings for each other. This most loved couple of 2020, is definitely the topmost Kdrama couples who got married in real life.

Ji Sung & Lee Bo-Young (Save The Last Dance For Me)

Ji Sung & Lee Bo-Young are both famous veteran actors. They first worked together in Save the Last Dance For Me in the 2004 drama. In it, Bo-Young’s character, Soo-Jin, is the soon-to-be-fiancé of Hyun-Woo but gets her love stolen by the main female character.



Despite not ending up together in the drama, they did end up together in real life. Their relationship started thanks to a call during Ji Sung’s military enlistment & led to frequent dates. They announced their relationship in 2007 and later their engagement in 2013. The couple got married on September 27, 2013, and had their first child in 2015. To this day, they are still married and had their second child in 2019.

Ji Sung & Lee Bo-Young make a charismatic couple and definitely are one of the most loved Kdrama couples who got married in real life.

Lee Sang-Woo & Kim So-Yeon (Happy Home)

Actors Lee Sang-Woo & Kim So-Yeon met on the sets of Happy Home and after 7 months of relationship got married in 2017.

Kim So Yeon revealed that her marriage to actor Lee Sang Woo was a watershed moment in her life. She continued, “I used to memorize lines by writing them down and practising them alone before I met Sang Woo. As a result, after each job, I was left with mounds of notepads and used pens.”


She continued, “However, after meeting him, I learned to memorize and practice my lines with my co-stars. I’m just grateful to have him at my side. When I return home, he also assists me in breaking free from my character’s feelings. Thanks to him, I realized how critical that was.”

A really supportive Kdrama couple who got married in real life.

Park Si-Eun & Jin Tae-Hyun (Hold My Hand)

The couple first met on the sets of Pure Pumpkin flower in 2010 but it was only three years later when they started falling for each other. This happened when both, Park Si-Eun and Jin Tae-Hyun were once again working together on a drama/romance soap opera titled, Hold My Hand.


They eventually started dating and got married in 2015. Even after going through 2 painful miscarriages they held each other close and chose to move on together. They are known to have officially adopted a college student who they had seen during their honeymoon.

A couple who goes through thick and thin together is bound to stay together always. They are definitely great parents and a respectable Kdrama couple who got married in real life.

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Ki Tae-Young & Eugene (Creating Destiny)

The two gorgeous actors starred together in Creating Destiny, a must-watch from the 2000s. It was especially popular due to the comedy and romance between Han Sang-Eun and Kim Yeo-Joo, played by actors Eugene and Ki Tae-Young.

Meanwhile, the duo got interested in each other and bonded during the shoot. The pair has two young girls and married in 2011. The actors are well-known in Korea, having featured in one of the country’s most famous variety/reality shows, The Return of Superman.


Eugene is now being praised for her great performance in the TV show Penthouse. It is revealed that her kids and husband were very happy to have her return to acting after a 5-year gap. This lovely duo embodies romance and isn’t afraid to show it off.

A cordial Kdrama couple who got married in real life from whom we can definitely take some lessons on how to lead a good married life!