Reasons Why Eddie Murphy Stop Acting? Update

Eddie Murphy is an American actor, comedian, producer, writer, the singer is there anything this guy can’t do. He is brilliant in every field. Originally known as Edward Regan Murphy, grew up with a rough childhood. But since his childhood days, he was a hardworking guy. He is a part of the Hollywood industry for a very long time now. His first recognization was made during the show named Saturday Night Live, he was a cast member for that show. So Why Did Eddie Murphy Stop Acting?

Eddie first started his career as a stand-up comedian, and further worked on his other talents. He is been invisible for a very long time from the industry, if u want to know the reason behind it read his article till the very end.


Prestigious Career of Eddie Murphy

At 19 he started his career as a stand-up comedian in the 1970s. Since then he never turned back. With his big-screen debut in 1982, he gave numerous hit films. Movies like Trading Places, Coming to America, Beverly Hills Cop 3and many more. His career was rising like a sun from 1982 to 2010. Where he tried his luck it turned out to be a success, whether it was singing or anything else he was the best. Let’s know the reason why Eddie Murphy stopped acting.

Drowning  Period

Every star for once in his life faces this problem. The decline period of Eddie Murphy started from the year 2011. There were a lot of movies in which he was making his appearance but none of them came into existence. After some years he was invited to Saturday Night Live in 2015, he faced lots of criticism and jokes on the show. Eddie just disappeared from that day. Eddie left his career there only.

Now in 2024, Eddie opened up and revealed his elopement from the industry. Murphy on a podcast that is Wtf With Marc Maron, said he was not making the best movies. Eddie received Razzies for his movies consecutively. In 2010 he received his first Razzies. With fame, you receive criticism also. Sadly he was also awarded for the worst actor of the decade.

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What are Razzies?

Originally known as Golden Rasberry Awards are given to some worst movies and stars. It covers all commercial failures. Constantly receiving these awards made Eddie realize that he must be making bad movies which ultimately demotivated him. He disclosed in an interview that he wants to take a break since his movie selection was not good and was making some shitty movies. Receiving Razzies wan no fun. Eddie says, “maybe it’s time to take a break”. He intended to take a break for a year only but all of a sudden six years passed. He could have sit on I couch for more time but he didn’t want the audience to remember him by his worst movies. For this, he wants to give his best for the last time.

The Comeback of Eddie Murphy, Why Eddie Murphy Stop Acting?

He left the industry around 2014-15 leaving every fan disappointed. In 2019, Murphy produced and starred in Dolemite Is My Name. Fortunately, it was successful and the movie was nominated for Golden Globe. The comeback was just great!

In the same year, he also hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time after 1984. the episode became the highest watched episode since 2008. Currently, he worked in a 1988 sequel Coming 2 America. It was released on Netflix this March and received a positive response from the audience. With all this, we can say Eddie Murphy is back!

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