Requiem Of The Rose King: Anime Announcement, Release Date, Plot
Requiem Of The Rose King: Anime Announcement, Release Date, Plot

This is about Requiem Of The Rose King: Anime Announcement. We all are well aware of the plethora of genres out there in the anime and manga community.

Action, adventure, romance, drama, mystery, comedy, is there anything you can’t find in anime. If you want to watch a literary classic, then one of these types of anime is soon going to come.

The historical dark fantasy, Requiem Of The Rose King: Anime Announcement is done. The story is taken from one of the Shakespearean classic dramas, Richard III. The story is adapted from there but it has got its twist and turns. The manga was in news for quite some time now, and finally, we have some news regarding it.

Even though we know that it is adapted from Richard III, it has some aspects which make it quite original. It could be the only best adaptation to come out of a Shakespearean classic. In the original story, Richard is represented as a ‘deformed’ character. But in Requiem of the Rose King, he is shown in a much better and sensible way. The character is shown representing the LGBTQ+ community.

The protagonist here tries to deal with his anguish, as he wants to make his own identity in society. Since his birth, he has been called a monster by his mother and other family members. Being called a monster by his mother left a psychological scar on him. The art style of the manga is eye-catching. The show is highly anticipated but might fall below expectation as it may face censorship.

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Requiem of the Rose King Announcement

This historical drama has been serialized since October 2013, on Shoten’s Monthly Princess magazines for a very long time. It was done under the supervision of Aya Kanno’s. Back in September 2020, Requiem Of The Rose King was announced to have an anime adaptation. The work has been started since last year. Aya Kanno himself made this announcement using his Twitter handle. Right now the manga has a total of 14 tankobon volumes of the chapters. In the English edition, it has got a total of 13 volumes.

Release Date of Requiem of the Rose King

Now the volume 15 release date in Japan is not yet confirmed but it will surely have a Fall 2024 release. This news was also from Aya Kanno’s Twitter handle. He also said about the release date of the manga sometime in October 2024. The production details have not been released yet. The studio name, cast of the show, trailer, and confirmed release date is not yet announced.

Requiem of the Rose King Plot

The crown of England is a prestigious position and was always challenged throughout history. In the fifteenth century, there were few civil wars fought for getting the crown. These series of wars were later given the name War of Roses. The ongoing war to place between two houses namely, The House of Lancaster and The House of York. Lancaster represented Red Rose while the  York represented White Rose. The Duke of York tries to kill King Henry VI and claims the crown of England.

On one of the dark days, the Duke of York has a son who is neither male nor female. His name is Richard III and possesses characteristics of both sexes. He is despised by his mother, who calls him a monster. Soon with this constant hatred, he starts accepting himself to be a spawn of a demon. Richard tries to gain salvation by helping his father to sit on the throne of England. And in all this, he surely has to face his mother and Joan’s. There are chances he might drag his family down.

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