RWBY Volume 8 Episode 11 & 12: Preview and spoilers

If you are wishing to watch anime apart from Chinese or Korean style then you should go RWBY. It is an American-styled anime which is loved since its Christmas break. RWBY made its debut in the year 2013, it was created by Monty Oum for Rooster Teeth.

With 7 successful volumes, the series has now come to its 8th volume covering 11 episodes till now. With amazing animation and a top-quality musical soundtrack, it was won the hearts of many. For his 9th volume creator has already started to renew it. So many twists and turn’s have happened in the recent episode of RWBY. So come let’s see what we can expect from the latest episodes of RWBY.

The story follows in a supernatural universe of Remnant, people are made into human weapons by training. They are trained to become hunters or huntresses so that when the time comes they can fight and take down the Grimms. The only hope of humanity is in the hands of four girls who are trained to fight against the Grimms.

What happened previously on RBWY volume 8?

In the previous episode of RBWY, we saw the battle between Hazel and Salem and on the other side between Oscar and Monstra. Oscar uses Ozpin’s cane to kill all three of them.  In the next plot, we see that Ironwood going to take down Ruby and Penny. But before he does any of such things, he gets to know Winter letting Yang’s team go. On hearing this he gets furious.

Next, we witness that Jacques has been recaptured, looking at this Qrow and Robin find this as the perfect opportunity to escape from the prison. Watts criticizes Cinder for his constant failures. He says recklessness why he keeps failing and for her missed opportunities. During the conversation, he receives a text from Neo to kill Ruby.

We can see Emerald in the united team of Ruby and Yangs. Later, Ironwood comes with the announcement in which he says about the condition for Penny. He says, if Penny doesn’t return to the vault, he will destroy the Mantle. And, the episode ends here creating so much hype for the next.

RBWY Volume 8 Episode 11:

The episode is titled Risk. Lastly, we saw Ironwood claiming to destroy Mantle by bombing. Here we see Marrow going against Ironwood. It results in the arrest of Marrow by Winter. On the other hand, Qrow wants to kill Ironwood and finish everything once and for all.


While Nora getting healed by Jaune, Ruby brings the bad news. Ruby says to Yang that Summer was supposed to turn into Grimm. Just like Hound did. Ozpin entry is shown and he reunites with the group, he is sorry for the mistrust he has shown towards others. Now as everyone is reunited Ruby makes a plan to bring down Ironwood which is quite risky. Penny needs to surrender herself to Ironwood, which is a part of the plan which makes it riskier.

RBWY Volume 8 Episode 12: Release Date

RBWY Episode 12 is going to be released on 13th March 2023. It’s going to launch through Rooster Teeth. Till now we don’t have any other knowledge regarding the episode except the release date. We can expect that we are going to see if Ruby plan going to work or not? The question that arises here is that will Ironwood fall into the trap created by Ruby. We are also expecting the return of Cinder after getting insulted by Watts.

With the release of the 12th episode, there will be two more episodes of RWBY releasing in the upcoming weeks. The final episode of the series is going to release on 27th  March 2023. For the ninth volume, the fans might have to wait till next year. One can watch RWBY on Crunchyroll and Rooster Teeth.

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About RBWY

RWBY (pronounced Ruby) is an American multimedia franchise produced by Rooster Teeth Productions. It originates as an anime-style web series created by Monty Oum, written and planned with Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross.