Sakamoto Days Chapter 17 Release Date and Latest Updates!!

Sakamoto literally showed us why he is the best father of all time. Being the world’s deadliest assassin is one thing, but risking everything to get a backpack for your little daughter is beyond amazing. Sakamoto days never fails to surprise us with funny scenes due to its overwhelming story and character sketch. But the assassin killer is still on the loose and Sakamoto can’t just rest yet. This article will update you on Sakamoto Days Chapter 17 Release Date and Latest Updates!!


Sakamoto Days Chapter 17 Release Date

Sakamoto Days Chapter 17 Release Date is conformed to be 28th March 2024. Fortunately, there is no delay in the next week’s chapter release. Fans can watch the action unfold in the next chapter by next week. For more such information, subscribe to Omnitos for seamless anime news and updates.

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Spoilers –

The Spoilers for Sakamoto Days are not out yet. Fans can expect the spoilers and raw scans to release 1 or 2 days prior to the official release of the latest manga chapter of Sakamoto Days.  We will make sure to update this section if and when we get updated on the same.

About Sakamoto Days

Sakamoto Days is a super funny manga series that released in 2020. It has been capturing fans with its simple comedy and plot with every new chapter it releases. The best part is that the main protagonist isn’t a young person. Sakamoto is an old fat man who was an assassin back in the day. He fell in love and later become a family man who owns a small store in the neighborhood.

But things start to get tricky when his old foes tend to come back for him thinking they can take on an old man. This where Sakamoto proves them wrong and beats everyone who comes after him and his family. The entire manga series so far is really fun to read and definitely recommended to all the weebs out there.