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Read Sakamoto Days Chapter 25 -"Science Vs Sakamoto", Release Date and Updates!

Sakamoto Days is definitely going wild with these new chapters. The previous chapter included a crazy mad scientist who is simply able to slap people and give them physical disabilities like speech impairments and moto control dysfunction. Sakamoto being Sakamoto immediately addresses the situation and comes up with a plan. Unfortunately, the chapter ends there. Fans will have to wait until next week to find out more about how Sakamoto is going to deal with the assassins on each level. This blog will be an informative article on Sakamoto Days Chapter 25 -“Science Vs Sakamoto”.


Sakamoto Days Chapter 25 Release Date

Sakamoto Days Chapter 25 Release Date is confirmed to be May 30th, 2024. This continuation is actually going to be lit as we have a top-class assassin go down several floors to save his loved one. And every floor has multiple maniacs who are obsessed with gaining power and killing the weak. The best part is that not only will see the action but also wholesome comedy. For more updates on Sakamoto Days, stay updated with us at Omnitos.

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