Sarazanmai Episode 2 post-credit scenes left viewers scratching their heads as it raised more questions than answering them. Enta’s act of kissing Kazuki left fans surprised.

Moving ahead, the official site to Sarazanmai has revealed a bunch of new preview images along with Episode synopsis for Episode 3. The episode is titled –“Third Plate”. Let’s have a look-

Synopsis Sarazanmai Episode 3- Third Plate

While hoping for the golden duo to return, Enta passes the days with his feelings for Kazuki intact.

Meanwhile, Kappa Zombies has kidnapped Enta’s big sister. Will Enta’s voice reaches Kazuki?

Preview Images

Release Date

The new episode is will release on April 26th, 2019. You will be informed with any change to the release schedule.

Streams- Where to Watch Sarazanmai Episode 3?

You can watch the series legally through the Crunchyroll streaming service.