Snowdrop Episode 4

The much-awaited Kdrama, Snowdrop starring Jung Hae-in & Jisoo as leads has finally started airing! The melodrama which is slated to have a total of 16 episodes revolves around the love story of a spy and student in the backdrop of the 1987 democracy movement in South Korea. 2 episodes have already aired so let’s look at what to expect from the Snowdrop episode 3.


The Cast

Snowdrop has a star-studded cast, to say the least. From the charming Jung Hae-in playing I’m Soo-ho as the undercover North Korean spy to Jisoo from Blackpink as Eun Young-ro who falls in love with him instantly.

While we also get Yoo In-na of Goblin fame as Kang Chung-ya and Kim Hye-Yoon playing important roles. Veteran actors Yoon Se-ah, Heo Joon-Ho & Park Sung-Woo are also included in Snowdrop’s stellar cast.

The first 2 episodes themselves show is filled with good chemistry. The leads interactions are cute. Though Snowdrop episode 3 onwards we may see bolder scenes.


Plot Brief

The main leads live in two entirely different worlds. I’m Soo-ho / Ri Tae-san is an undercover North Korean spy while Eun is a bubbly freshman student. She falls for him at first sight! Meanwhile, Soo is in the middle of a grave mission.

Snowdrop promises to be thrilling because we also get fast & smart as South Korean detectives who easily identify Soo and go after him. Surprisingly, he escapes right into the dorm Eun stays at. Here begins a tale of love & courage where while trying to protect him, Eun & Soo get close.

Till now we have been shown a glimpse of their college life & public scenarios. Snowdrop episode 3 will be the turning point with some truths being revealed.

Recap Of Episodes 1 & 2

The episode starts with a view of the cheerful Hosoo Women’s University dorms. With girls going about doing their daily activities till they come to a standstill due to an announcement. And then resume a few seconds later as if nothing happened. There seems to be some sort of tension which we understand after being shown the political backdrop as well as a strict warden.

Outside it is told that South Korea is under an authoritative regime to the great dissatisfaction of its citizens who have taken to the streets in protest. A girl from the dorm also seems to be in it but has to hide the fact in fear of being arrested. Within the ruling party itself, there seems to be an ongoing rivalry amidst the rising discontent of the public there also seems to be a controversy involving North Korea.

I’m Soo, the charming male lead is a student who has come from Germany to Korea to complete his thesis, but in reality, is a North Korean spy. Details of the mission are not known, but we do know that the South Korean cops are looking for a spy who they were chasing in Germany & is most likely in Seoul now.

It doesn’t take long to connect the dots and Soo is soon a suspect, being monitored by the cops. Unbeknownst to him, he continues his mission and plays his part as a student well, his dorm mates even take him together to a group date. Here is where the two worlds collide. Eun and Soo both seem interested in each other, but the date doesn’t go the way they want.

However, just by chance, they meet each other in a shop selling records,  and it’s clear that they are interested. Though of course, it’s short-lived since Soo has to take their target a professor, but the police catch up with them. A chase ensues. 2 out of the 3 including Soo manage to escape, but since he’s injured, he barely manages to get into the girl’s dorm. Coincidentally the dorm he enters is Eun’s.

Meanwhile, the cops too have realized he’s in the dorm and head there. The head of the dorm though is a ruthless woman who doesn’t allow the cops to just saunter into a girls dorm and orders them all to lock their rooms. A heated debate ensues where the cops are forced to bring a warrant before checking the rooms.


This buys enough time for Eun & the girls to hide Soo, mistaking him for a protestor. Soo who is now awake goes along with it since there seems no other option. For now, they hide him in the bath. The cops despite their efforts fail to find him but monitor the region. The North Korean captive they caught refuses to answer & commits suicide.

This makes them even more desperate to find Soo. While the girls manage to talk the manager of the dorm into helping them hide Soo in a secluded part of the dorm. Snowdrop episode 3 will show the leads getting closer, but also them vs the government.

What To Expect From Episode 3

Considering the political backdrop of the plot & our main lead being a spy there is quite a lot of drama expected to unfold. The first 2 episodes had a lot to unpack as it is and no time was wasted to begin a cat and mouse hunt.

It is clear from the preview itself that Soo will not be able to escape easily. But what is gonna be more exciting is to see both Eun & Soo accept their feeling and delve deeper. Angst should be expected cause for how long can Soo possibly hide his true identity when the cops are on his back?

One should expect more chases & anxiety-inducing situations in episode 3. Apart from this, we should be able to see some cute romantic development. It would be great to understand more about the political situation and what the motive of the spies is?

Where To Watch Snowdrop Episode 3

Snowdrop has done an excellent job in setting a thrilling tone for the drama. Tune in on 25th December to Snowdrop’s episode 3 on Hotstar (using VPN) to find out! Till then read other articles on Omnitos.