Solo Leveling Chapter 138 Raw Scans, Release Date and Spoilers in English
Solo Leveling Chapter 138 Raw Scans, Release Date and Spoilers in English

Oh-Yeah! finally, Jin-Woo made a contact with the King of giants and came to know about the upcoming war. While the Solo Leveling Chapter 138 will be out soon and will let us know what will happen next. Also, there is a lot of news about the Solo Leveling anime release date that will be announced soon. It would be great if we get this anime this year.

Solo Leveling is going to reach 150 chapter milestones very soon and we will be sunk in a pool of sorrow. Once Jin-Woo is done with the king of giants in Japan, he will look on South Korea, and then the America arc will start.


Where to Read/Watch Solo Leveling Chapter 138?

Kakao owns it. Which shows the chapter in Korean. While Jaiminisbox may have fan translations, join Reddit Solo leveling handle to know more.

Some fans are still supporting the writers while some are angry over it. But please be patient it will release as per the above countdown. We do not own Solo leveling.

Solo Leveling Chapter 138

As we all know the king of giants is going to start a war very soon in Japan inside the S-rank dungeon. Soon the rulers and sovereigns will swarm earth with their soldiers and only Jin-Woo will be the one to stand to fight against them.

Solo Leveling Chapter 138 in English is going already out and after watching you will be able to catch up, what happens next. Though we will share some spoilers if you want to check before watching the chapter So, don’t miss it.

Let’s don’t waste our time any more and dig into the topic with the release date, time, and raw scan of this chapter.

Solo Leveling Chapter 138 Raw Scan Release Date

Since this Solo Leveling will get published in South Korean first before we get the English version. There is no official news about the English release, it acts as a raw scan. While all the Korean versions of Solo Leveling chapters are released on the Kakopage official website.

Solo Leveling Chapter 138 King of giants

While we can expect the release of the English version of Solo Leveling Chapter 138 after few hours of raw scans released. Meanwhile, feel free to read some of the spoilers we provided.

If you want to know the timings of the chapter 138 release Here are they

  • Pacific Time- 1 PM
  • Korean Time-6 AM
  • Central Time- 3 PM

Read Soilers Here

in the last chapter, the king of giants explains how the riles and sovereigns have a war going between them. They have made the earth ground zero for the fight, while the king of giants proposes that Jin-Woo free. In return, he will support him in the fight but, Jin-Woo has a doubt in mind that will he help humans?.

Jin-Woo asks the giant king why he should not just turn him into one of his shadow soldiers. Then he replies that the bodies of sovereigns are made of spiritual and once they are destroyed and we cannot turn them into shadow soldiers.

Jin-Woo strikes down the first chain and then moves to the second. Then he went behind the giant and raises his shortswords to break the third. But, somehow he can’t trust the giant king.  He has a feeling that something might go wrong.

Woo raises his head and asks, “if you are ready to aid me, then are you a friend of humans?”. The giant king has no answer to his question and kept silent.

Jin-Woo realizes that the giant has a crystal behind his head as long as that it stuck on his body. The voice of the rulers saying “Kill every human” keep echoing inside his head.

So, now it’s clear that the king of giants is not on the human side and Jin-Woo must exterminate him.

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