Famous Poker Types in Online Casinos

Playing poker is one of the most loved gambling options, the game has a world-wide notoriety and a huge number of fans. It is supposed to be dated as far back as 1760 and for many gamblers it was a legal game as for many as well, an illegal one.

Along the time poker has got many types of playing it, most of them include a regular deck of cards. But there is also a version that is played by using dice only and therefore the name, Dice Poker. The props for this version are a special set of six dice and a cup. The characters on each side of a dice are those that are found on cards, ace, king, queen, jack ten and nine. And the game has a few other different rules than most poker versions do. For example, colors have different values – usually the queen is the symbol marked with green, the jacks are blue, etc.

Being such a loved and played casino game, poker got divided into many play styles for succeeding to please the big number of fans and their different preferences. Some players enjoy a slower pace, a progressive rise of the bets, a more balanced game.

Online casinos managed to include more poker types in their library than the traditional casinos do. And the ones that are most played are Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven Cards Stud or Five Cards Stud, Video Poker and Pai Gow.

There are a lot of online casinos in New Jersey that will offer great games and bonuses for playing poker, such as Golden Nugget Casino or Stardust Casino.

The tournaments for poker are famous for their magnificent prizes and also the professional players that won enormous amounts. As to statistics, the most important starting hand is a double Ace. This hand is also called pocket-rockets.

Texas Hold’em

There is absolutely no doubt that this is the most popular version for playing poker. All the casinos offer it, the classic ones and the online ones.

The game is based on using the normal 52 cards deck

There will be community cards – the cards that are dealt face-up for the players that are betting. And the 2 cards each player gets. The bets are placed against the opponents and not against the house. Whoever has the biggest hand, has also won the pot.

Texas Hold’em is perfect for online gambling, because it only needs at least one good card for the player to be able to participate in a hand.


This version is also a very frequently played one and its main rules are not far from the ones in Texas Hold’em.

What makes these two different styles is that in Omaha the players also get a community round, and the number of cards for each player is also different, in Omaha a player gets 4 cards.

The players that are highly experienced and have participated in many games of Texas Hold’em, are also considering Omaha to be the more challenging style. The majority of played hands in Texas Hold’em are won by just having two pairs or even a weaker ranking hand.

By having more cards, the players get better combinations for winning hands and so the game is more exciting.

Seven Cards Stud

For this version of poker, a hand begins with a number of seven cards that are dealt to each player. And from this total, the player will make a selection of those that make the best poker combination and keep only 5 of them. Three of the cards will be facing down and the rest will be facing up.

After the selection step of the game, the players are starting to call the bets. Whoever has the best five cards hand, has also won the pot. As there are no community cards, the best combo will only consist of the cards each player got.

As for the betting limits of the game, Seven Cards Stud Poker can be played in 3 modes, fixed, no limit and pot limit. Most players are choosing to play the fix limit version, this also means only a certain number of raises is allowed during a round.

Video Poker

This version of poker is one that many users of online casinos really love to play, and is also considered to be one of the most well-paying versions for skillful players.

The players get five cards each and the option to either keep or discard the cards. The number of discarded cards will be substituted, this rule being applied even if all the five cards will be discarded. The final poker hand needs to hold a combination of a winning hand.

The best options are:

  • two pairs
  • three of a kind
  • full-house
  • four of a kind
  • straight flush
  • royal flush

This game is a classic that all the casinos will have, no doubt about it. Most players are still going for the Texas Hold’em mode, as it is still the best one for the ones with experience in the game. It’s a simple version and winning is really effortlessly attainable for them.

Online casinos are always presenting great rewards and bonuses for playing poker. Search for the one that is best for your favorite poker style and use it for better chances to win the pot. And for you to also enjoy the game even more, search for the best online casinos. The experience will be thrilling and definitely worthwhile.