The Vampire Dies In No Time: New Trailer and Visuals

Fans are quite excited to know about the new vampire drama series coming this year. Everyone has heard about over-powered protagonists, now get ready to witness the most under-powered protagonist ever in The Vampire Dies In No Time series. People easily fall in love with vampires and shows based on them. The audience shows huge love to them. In the newly released trailer, it shows Draic as a cool character, but the reality is quite different from what we have seen in the trailer. before going any further I must tell you we are going to discuss The Vampire Dies In No Time: New Trailer and Visuals.

We may see Draic scrawny and prone to dying frequently, but he is still known to be invincible. You must be wondering how is that even possible? So here it is, he can regenerate as quickly as he tends to die. Thus, his enemies are under the illusion that he can’t be killed at all and he takes advantage of this.


Release Date

The Vampire Dies In No Time is going to premiere in October 2024 and it is officially confirmed. A few days back a new official trailer has been released for this epic action-comedy drama anime!

In the new trailer, we witness Draic and his many other enemies who want to kill him after mistaking him for an invincible being. Draic alone can’t fight them, so he had to team up with Vampire Hunter Ronaldo to avert rogue vampires as well as Ronaldo’s editor. A teaser showing Draic and Ronaldo was also released.  At first, Ronaldo tried to kill Draic but soon realized how helpless this vampire is. And now they both have teamed up to fight along with the unwelcomed vampires.

Make sure to watch the new trailer of Vampire dies in no time

The cast of The Vampire Dies In No Time

The main characters to watch out for in the show are Jun Fukuyama as Draic and Makoto Furukawa as Ronaldo. They both are very fine actors in the television industry and are famous for their roles in many amazing movies and series.

Animation work for the show is done by Madhouse Studios. The show is directed by Hiroshi Koujina, and the script of the series is given by Yukie Sugawara. The character design of the show is done by none other than Mayuko Nakano.

The announcement of the show was done last year in 2020, and now it is finally getting near to its release date. The story is all about a vampire hunter and a vampire protecting each other, and I am sure the story is bound to give you some good laughs. this was all about The Vampire Dies In No Time: New Trailer and Visuals.

About the show

The Vampire Dies In No Time is based on a manga that goes by the same name and is written by Itaru Bonnoki. It was first launched in Weekly Shonen Jump in June 2015. And later in 2020, an anime adaptation of this manga was confirmed also it is going to air in 2024. After Ronald, a vampire hunter is called to rescue children that are taken by a blood-thirsty vampire in a castle. When he reached there he is surprised to find out a wimpy vampire playing with the children. Unintentionally Ronald destroys the whole castle of Draic’s and ends up housing him in his office. This pair takes you on an amazing journey and solves many cases together.

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