To Your Eternity: Everything We Know So Far, Release Date

To Your Eternity is the latest manga released which received the anime adaptation. Originally the manga was scheduled to release in October 2020. But due to the pandemic, the show got delayed for several months.

However, a new trailer released on Monday has created a huge hype among the audience. With the release of the new trailer we also got the news of the release date of the show. Here we will see To Your Eternity: Everything we know so far about the show.

Yoshitoki Oimais the writer as well as the illustrator for the show To Your Eternity. The show has been appearing in Shonen Magazine since November 2016. Shonen is a weekly magazine. The production work for the show is taken care of by Brain’s Base.

To Your Eternity will tell the story of an abandoned immortal lonely being stuck on earth. An immortal, capable of transforming into anything around him. He survives the strange planet and facing off against Plant-looking creatures looking to steal his powers. Let’s have look at what other thing we know so far.


To Your Eternity Anime Release Date

The show is going to release on April 12, 2024. To your Eternity the first season is going to have 20 episodes as of now. On the official website, you can watch the new trailers that are being released by them. The show will be made available to stream on Crunchyroll soon. Let’s dive deep into the trailer and see the plot and all other details. To Your Eternity: Everything We Know So Far

Plot for To Your Eternity

The plot for the show tells the story of Fushi. He is an immortal guy who comes from the polar regions of the world. He is sent to earth with emotions or identity but he also got the ability to transform into anything. Fushi starts with various forms including a white orb, then a rock, and a wolf. This goes on for several days until he meets a boy who leaves a great impact on him. Throughout the series, he uses different form and learn new things and acquire new abilities. To Your Eternity: Everything We Know So Far

He travels the whole planet and battles the Knockers. During the whole journey, he comes across a mysterious black-hooded figure who is stronger than Fushi. This black-hooded guy claims to be the creator of Fushi’s.

The trailer introduces us to the central character of Fushi. He feels lonely being far away from his home. The trailer gives us hints about the birthplace of Fushi. He is sent away from his tribesmen to look for a better place.

The Cast of To Your Eternity

The reveal of the full cast of To Your Eternity is not done yet.  But one of them is Reiji Kawashima. Who is playing the lead role and voicing Fushi. Next, is Rie Hikisaka playing as Reji. Aya Uchida as Rikako Aikawa and Rikako as Pioran.

The show is directed by Masahiko Murata, known for directing Naruto Shippuden. The opening song of the trailer as well as the show is “PINK BLOOD” by Hikaru Utada. And the ending is “Mediator” by Masashi Hamauza. The trailer has left everyone speechless and created hype among the viewers. Fans are waiting for the series to release as soon as possible. With this we end this article, I hope you liked this and make sure to share this with your friends. This was all about To Your Eternity: Everything We Know So Far

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