Tokyo Babylon 2024 Canceled With Hopes To Release In Future
Tokyo Babylon 2024 Canceled With Hopes To Release In Future

One of the most awaited anime Tokyo Babylon is going through the most challenging times with the production issues. The show is already got delayed due to some copyright issue. This is a piece of very sad news for all the fans that have been eagerly waiting for this anime. A few months back, the staff said that they are not satisfied with the character’s design and assured us that they would make the necessary changes soon. They will try to make changes wherever needed and the new design will be far better than the previous ones. So, I don’t think any further alteration is required since the franchise had put an end to this long going conspiracy on the show and released their final verdict. Here further in the article, we will tell you everything about Tokyo Babylon 2024 Canceled With Hopes To Release In the Future.


About Cancellation of the Show

Recently, the official website of Tokyo Babylon 2024 on their Twitter handle announced that the anime’s production has been canceled. They further added that the project is discontinued due to a lack of trust with the current production company following the plagiarism accusation. Also as a result of this, a fully new company will be decided later with CLAMP and the Production Committee.

As the new update we have, the production committee told staff it had lost all the faith in the project. Thereby, resulting in the Tokyo Babylon 2024, cancelation.

  Release Date

Initially, the anime was scheduled to release in April 2024, but a later announcement confirmed that more or less that we won’t be getting the anime any time soon. But don’t lose hope, there are still chances that the show might start production anytime in the future. CLAMP and the Committee gave us a faint hope that they may be aiming for a fresh start of the production.

The anime is based on a manga that goes by the same name. Later it was decided by the writers that they want to give this manga an anime adaptation in the coming future. Fans were excited after knowing about this. You must be wondering why everyone was so hyped about this? All those who have read the manga know very well why we are craving this occult fantasy series anime adaptation. The manga was loved by all the readers and was praised for the storyline. No doubt the manga is considered to be a masterpiece ever made. as now we know that Tokyo Babylon 2024 Canceled With Hopes To Release In Future

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If anytime in the future the production company restarts the project in the future, you will not find anything similar from previously released visuals. All the character design, costumes, and everything will be changed. The character designer Makoto Furuta said he and his team would be extra cautious this time. He said he is confident that this delay will ultimately benefit the anime, and fans should support their decision and stand with them in this rough time.

About the Tokyo Babylon

It is a manga created by CLAMP, Nanase Okawa, and Mokona. Later was adapted into an OVA, a live-action film, and will be getting an anime adaptation in 2024. The show revolves character named Subaru Sumeragi, who is the leader of the Onmyoji Clan. He and his sister are responsible for protecting Tokyo from all kinds of supernatural disasters that happen here. There is a deep bond between Subaru, Hokuto, and Seishiro. The series is sure to lead to a tragic ending.

We just hope that the creators soon start the production of this anime and thus we can witness this epic drama as early as possible.

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