Top 10 Anime to Watch like Attack on Titan!

Yeah, we all love attack on titan and as an anime, it gets huge popularity among all anime lovers. We know the attack on titan already finished its finale in manga and also we have a break for the anime adaptation too. So here we have top 10 anime like an attack on titan for you guys, you can watch it till we have the announcement for next season of attack on titan.


Top 10 Anime to Watch like Attack on Titan!

Taking the storyline of Attack on titan here are the top 10 anime like an attack on titan mentioned below.

1. Goblin Slayer

top 10 anime like attack on titan
goblin slayer

Goblin Slayer making first place in the top 10 anime-like attacks on titan. It follows an unpracticed traveler who is a priestess. She joins a lot of organization individuals to do an agreement work. Be that as it may, everything turns out badly and each and every other part is executed. She just endures on the grounds that a secretive man known as the “Troll Slayer” safeguards her. He is a globe-trotter who just looks to slaughter trolls. An anime film called Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown proceeded with the story in its 2020 delivery.

2. Berserk

top 10 anime like attack on titan

This dream awfulness arrangement is a colossal top choice among the individuals who like dim stories. The anime and movies center around for the most part early curves while the manga is as yet going. By and large, Berserk follows a hired soldier bunch called Band of the Hawk and the primary character, Guts. Their chief, Griffith, turns into a dear companion of Guts however stays very removed and puzzling.


top 10 anime like attack on titan

This dim dream experience of 26 scenes is determined to an archaic island where people are assaulted by humanoid shape-moving animals that eat them. An association of ladies that are part beast and part human slaughter the beasts for an expense. They are known for their claymore blades and silver eyes. A Claymore fighter is posted in every one of the island’s 47 locales.

4. Elfen Lied

top 10 anime like attack on titan
elfan lied

Try not to let screen captures of the charming pink-haired young lady fool you. Her forces could almost certainly tear a titan from Attack on Titan down the middle. This anime centers around a dream race called Diclonius. They look like people with the exception of they have little horns. They’re viewed as beasts because of imperceptible arms that can both handle and go through strong articles, which fundamentally permits them to destroy anything. They are particularly known to be fierce towards people.

5. Castlevania

top 10 anime like attack on titan

Castlevania is one of Netflix’s best-enlivened diamonds. While it depends on the renowned computer game arrangement, watchers don’t have to play the games to comprehend the show. Like some different ideas on this rundown, this show has a lot of dull beasts and vampires. Dracula is the principal rival, and he is apparently the best Dracula variation out there. Alongside fabulous activity arrangements are humor, misfortune, and very elegantly composed characters—including the subsequent character named Alucard to show up in an arrangement on this rundown. use Netflix to watch it.

6. Seraph of the end

top 10 anime like attack on titan
Seraph at the end

The characters may look somewhat delicate and fleecy, however, don’t let that make you think Seraph about the End doesn’t have dim topics and a lot of activity. The plot happens in a dystopian world that murdered all grown-ups and left just kids younger than 13 alive. To exacerbate the situation, vampires and different beasts guarantee the earth. People need to give blood to these animals in exchange for assurance.

7. Helling Ultimate

top 10 anime like attack on titan
Helling ultimate

The top of the association is an influential lady who orders a military. Notwithstanding, her most prominent weapon is a vampire named Alucard (indeed, that is “Dracula” spelled in reverse). The crowd substitute is Alucard’s new vampire worker, Seras Victoria, who used to be a cop until he saved her life by making her a vampire.

8. Tokyo Ghoul

top 10 anime like attack on titan
Tokyo Ghoul

Like Eren, the hero of Tokyo Ghoul is a beast human half breed. Demons, in contrast to titans, appear as though regular individuals however need to make due on eating human tissue. They likewise have a ton of super-human-like powers and can go wild on the off chance that they get excessively ravenous or energized.

9. God Eater

top 10 anime like attack on titan
God eater

This dystopian anime ran from 2015 to 2016 with 13 scenes. It happens in the year 2071 out of a country called the New Asian Union. An association called Fenrir shields individuals from beasts called Aragami with extraordinary weapons called “God Arcs.”

10. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Top 10 anime like attack on titan

Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress is the conspicuous decision for the individuals who love Attack on Titan. The story happens during the mechanical upset, aside from an infection is slaughtering individuals. Those tainted become beasts and humankind has not many approaches to murder them. Like Attack on Titan, the story happens in a fort worked to shield mankind from these beasts. Another significant likeness is that the beasts break into the stronghold toward the start of the story. The primary character, Eren, likewise turns into such a beast human mixture.

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